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By popular demand
Enterprise destroys Seattle
That video's on YouTube now.

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I don't understand how you made this. Obviously you added the funny music, but what was going on in the original?

If you'd like to watch the whole episode, it's here.

If you don't want to devote that much time, the story is that she's a science officer who was assigned to the Enterprise and they end up falling in love. The scene in his quarters is the first time they play music together, and the other is when she takes him to the Jefferies tubes because the sound is good there, and that's where they kiss. Those two scenes (about 8 minutes total are here and here. And then I had to fill in some parts so I found Riker playing his trombone and the other dancing stuff.

The music is a Can Can from the Mini-Pops album released in the US by K-Tel in the '80s. I've had this idea for years and finally learned how to edit videos just so I could make it.

At first I was like "this should have been Yakety Sax" but I respect your artistic vision

So ridiculous yet I watched it all. lol

happy caturday

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