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Getting partway there

I hadn't followed any trails up to the Western portion of the gulch from the center in a long time due to the mud, and decided it was finally time to head up there via the Rusty Car Trail. Near the top of where that trail leads down from the center, I noticed an overgrown trail going the other direction and decided to have a look.

Turns out it leads to the old beat up bridges I've spotted from up above. I thought about crossing this one, but wasn't particularly in the mood to fall in the water if my foot slipped after landing on that moss. Plus, there's a good chance I'd have to come back across if there's no way to get through on the other side.


I'm interested in going over there, though. There's another overgrown trail on the other side that leads to the bottom of the Bootie Scoot trail, which I refuse to walk down, but want to go up sometime. Maybe at some point the creek will dry out completely and I can just walk across without having to worry about a bridge crumbling beneath me.

I wonder if there's a VIN anywhere on the Rusty Car and if it's possible to look up who the last owner was.


The trip up the trail was mostly ok. There was one really muddy spot and, while my shoe got pretty muddy, my socks somehow stayed dry. I ended up choosing a different path than I normally do about halfway up, and then explored my way over to a different exit than the one I usually choose. It's good to stay familiar with as many areas as possible.

This driveway terrifies me. Imagine being trapped at home in a snowstorm because your driveway is not only steep, but also tilts sideways.


Looks like the Mukilteo train station is finally completely done. The only fences I see are the boundary ones and the one between the tracks.


Alas, my planned beach loop was not to be. I might have just walked past these signs but there was a work crew there and I didn't feel like dealing.


Yesterday's awesome walk, 4.61 miles in 1:41, 9,916 steps, 528ft gain
4.61 miles in 1:41, 9,916 steps, 528ft gain

This came in slightly under five miles, but I wasn't in the mood to walk past the car and come back to it just for the sake of a number. It was a good walk.



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