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The simpler solution wins
Press Your Luck
Today was a pretty great day at the pool. Even though my sinuses got so waterlogged that a little water dripped out when I bent over to get a pan, hours later. But it's cool to know exactly how far I swam in my hour for the first time. I got a regular swim counter for my watch, one that you just click a button on to increase the number. Quite simple. The pool is 25 yards across, and I clicked it whenever I got back to the end I started at, so every click is 50 yards, and I got up to 32. That's 1,600 yards, which is .91 miles. The pool was also nearly empty, which was great. And I'm enjoying the visual interest that gets added to the pool when a little bit of sunlight streams in.

The drive over was quite lovely today.


I especially liked this foggy field. It was almost like a force field kept the fog from bleeding over to the road.


The best of the show was over when I got to the swim center, but it was still pretty out.


One thing that really cracked me up was seeing a sheriff literally lurking in a shadow trying to catch people speeding. I have no doubt one of the drivers in front of me would have been pulled over if a truck up ahead hadn't slowed way down for a turn. People speed a lot on that road, and really, everywhere around here. I've been seeing tons of police hiding out lately as well as people getting pulled over.


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If you have sinus problems what do you do to help it?

I had a terrible sinus infection a couple of years ago and now every so often I have sinus problems but I haven't a clue what you are supposed to do to assuage/avoid them.

I don't really have sinus problems other than trying to keep water out of them when I swim laps. I've only ever had a couple of headaches that felt like sinus headaches, thank goodness.

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