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Another view
Press Your Luck
For some reason, I didn't think Microsoft released an Android version of Hyperlapse, but when I searched in the Play store to find something similar, I found that they did. If you haven't heard of it, Hyperlapse speeds up videos while also stabilizing them so they look better. I like it because one of the main shortcomings I see with videos is that a lot of them are just too long. Why would you ever watch an entire 16-minute drive just to see a few pretty clouds? You really wouldn't, but they still look just as great sped up 16x. So here's a neat look at today's drive out to the aquatic center. And it only takes a minute!

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There's a lot of traffic for dawn!

The Boeing plant here is so big that they have multiple shifts starting throughout the day, so you can see a lot of traffic almost anywhere, at any time. Not all day every day, but little bursts. Of course there are still some time where it gets really bad.

Also, you'd be surprised how many 24-hour drive-thru coffee stands there are around here. Three in my immediate neighborhood alone!

I'm not sure if this is a common thing outside of Washington, but a lot of coffee stands feature "bikini baristas" making the coffee. Some of the regular ones even save a sign indicating they are "family friendly" which always cracks me up.

I love that video. That is so cool.

It's still weird to think of you driving.

I know! It was a weird adjustment.

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