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Back to the beach

Since I didn't make it over to the beach on Wednesday, I decided then that I'd go down there today. I parked at the gulch, though, so I wouldn't have to worry about whether I was early or that whoever opens the gate at the beach was late. That also makes for a good approach from the West to enjoy the sunrise.



I couldn't put my finger on it at first, but something there was different.


Then I realized, there was a huge dock there that's been removed.


The views are a lot nicer now because of it, but that might not be a long-term thing. The dock was removed as part of a plan to move the ferry terminal, so it's hard to say how the changes will impact the area.

I spoke too soon. Just now, I finally found an artist's conception of how the site might turn out. It's a bummer, because it completely removes the area I like walking around down there. Oh well. Guess I'd better enjoy it while I can. Like I did today!

I thought about walking down the beach itself instead of the path today, but the tide was high enough that there was no beach.


The geese found a spot.


This view shows where the current ferry dock is. The new one would be much closer to where I took the photo. Thankfully they won't take away the whole beach, just the area that's the former tank farm that now has a bunch of concrete walls.


Speaking of which, here's a shot that shows a different perspective on that new mural.


There's one cool new development. Now that the construction at the train station is finished, they've taken down some of the fences, and I can complete my tank farm loop without having to go all the way through the station.


The sky was less dramatic, but still quite nice on my second loop.


Realizing I'd have to do four loops before heading back to the car if I wanted five miles, I decided to head to the gulch for a climb there. I went up the trail I call OG, which is the closest way up to the Western side from the parking lot. I rarely go that way, mainly because it was the first way I ever went up and I didn't have a particularly easy time of it. But I'm much more experienced now, so I shouldn't shy away from places I previously found difficult. However! There were tons of fallen trees I had to climb over today.

On the way up, I took a quick detour to check on the little path that leads from the nice bridge. I've posted it several times before, usually from the other side.


Definitely not a way I'd go unless I was being chased or something.

This reminded me of Hawaii.


As is often the case, there are quite a few more photos back on flickr.

Today's awesome walk, 4.75 miles in 1:52, 10,224 steps, 440ft gain
4.75 miles in 1:52, 10,224 steps, 440ft gain

I chose the satellite view to show the dock they removed, it's just above the 2-mile mark. I also added a yellow diamond because, for a bit, I was convinced I had found a new way out of the gulch that I'd never used before, that would emerge where I put the diamond. Turns out I just hadn't gone that way in a long time, and it wasn't familiar. I don't particularly like that trail or the big grassy hill you have to climb down at the end, but it's in a handy spot. The next closest exit in that area adds an additional 1.5 miles to the route.

Just for kicks, here's a Hyperlapse of the drive home. You can see I'm not exaggerating when I say I live in the woods.


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