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Had quite a hike today
Press Your Luck
And as soon as I got home, I cleaned the catbox, showered, and then had about ten minutes to sit before we left again. Pretty tired now, so I'll post about the hike later. For now, here's most of the drive home, in two parts, and 32x speed. I forgot that I have the dashcam software set to record for 20 minutes at a time, so I had to move the videos off my phone and merge them together in Movie Maker. Then I put them back on my phone only to discover that Hyperlapse has a 20-minute limit. Womp womp. Thankfully, it lets you select the portion, so I just ran it in two batches. I bet the quality suffered a bit due to the export from Movie Maker, but I don't care enough to re-do all the transferring and processing and saving and uploading.