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Swim free
Press Your Luck
My hunch that I should go back to the pool again today because the swim might be free was correct. Score! An adult punch card is ten swims for the price of nine, $38.25, so I've saved almost $8. I'll be pretty busy tomorrow with work, so maybe I'll go for a third day in a row. That'd be a first.

When I got there, two women were swimming back and forth in the deep end even though two of the three lap lanes were open. I got between them because they were on either end of the deep part, and I was a bit worried about space when another regular deep end lapper showed up, but the first two got out of the pool as soon as she got in.

Another upgrade at the swim center I didn't notice yesterday was that they put a little seating area in front where the vending machine area used to be. That's a nice upgrade because I get annoyed when someone waiting for a ride sits on the floor in the entry.

I finally had my initial sleep consultation today. The doctor has already decided that I'll be trying a CPAP. The next step, due to insurance company requirements, is a home sleep study. I'll be mailed the equipment, sleep with it for a night, and send it back. It then takes a few weeks for the results to be sent back, which is a bummer. Mostly, the results from these are inconclusive, and if that's the case with me, I'll then go to the lab for a supervised sleep study, then get the CPAP. If they're conclusive, we can get the CPAP ordered immediately.

He wants to start there because surgeries only have a 20% success rate. Oral appliances, being custom made, are not only expensive, but they can't be returned. So I agree with him that the CPAP is the right place to start. I just wish we could get started sooner. It's good to hear from him that my sleep apnea is the likely reason that my blood sugar and blood pressure are so high. It's frustrating to get such limited results from all the exercise and medication. And he was pretty surprised (and impressed) with all the exercise I do. And it's kind of annoying now to realize that my primary care doctors definitely should have suggested a sleep study sooner and that I had to get the process going.

The sky was amazing when I left the clinic.


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It must be so frustrating with all the exercise that you do you still have high readings for blood sugar and blood pressure (does it run in your family?). Good luck with CPAP - I hope it works.

My mom also had high blood pressure and it may have been the reason she passed away the first night after her gastric bypass surgery. The doctor had her stop taking all her medication in the days leading up to it.

Oh no - I'm so sorry to hear that!

That sky looks so ominous. Love that pic.

I'm someone who is a 'surgery success story' in being able to avoid having to use a CPAP, but hope that they're able to determine the best route for you, ASAP.

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