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The free ride is over

The sauna and hot tub are still unavailable at the pool, but I got charged today anyway. Two free swims is pretty good, so I'm not disappointed. I rarely use those amenities anyway, or it's just a few minutes if I do. I didn't realize until I'd been at the front desk for a few seconds that Zoey, the cat who lives at the swim center, was sitting right by me on the counter.

Zoey, the swim center cat

I definitely wasn't expecting a swim team to be there, but there they were, entering the deep end at the same time I did. I have no idea who they were because I'm a terrible judge of age. Late high school? Early college? No clue. We were able to coexist pretty well. They spent their first half hour using paddleboards, flippers, and swim belts to do a circular route, so my spot in the corner was still good. The water was annoyingly choppy whenever they'd line up on the far wall to kick, but at least I wasn't in splashing range. I had to contend with them coming at me all at once a couple of times, but the guy on the end was good about not running into me.

I was surprised to see them using so many devices and taking so many breaks.

I wasn't sure if they'd use the locker room at all. They didn't shower before getting in the pool, which is weird because that's a policy at every pool I've been to. Not wanting to risk being caught in a very full shower, I decided to just stay treading water until they left completely. That, and I wanted to outdo them. They got out of the pool after 60 minutes and spent forever toweling off in the seating area and chatting. 20 minutes! They could have easily dried off even in the poolside changing areas in five minutes or less. But I ended up setting a new record, 80 minutes, because of them. It was a very active swim, too. My watch counted 8,000 steps.

The drive afterward over to WinCo was pretty. It was a very cloudy morning, but there was also a huge band of blue in the sky. If the route seems weird, it's because there was an accident or something that I had to go pretty far to get around. The video of the drive home got cut off when a phone call came in, but I really like the sun in the first part.

That phone call was the company that's sending me the equipment to do my at-home sleep study. Thankfully it was a robocall. Had I answered, there would have been the option to press a button to talk to an agent, but they also provided a URL and reference number to use to sign up online. The insurance fields were a little confusing and I'm not sure I got them right, but I got a confirmation email, so everything's probably fine. They probably also talk to all the insurance companies every day and would probably follow up with them if I did it wrong. I hope.

That equipment cannot get here too soon. While my dreams last night were cool from what I can remember, I don't like that I woke up so often. I couldn't stay awake about an hour ago, too.

My hiking poles came yesterday and I'll probably try them out tomorrow morning. Between yesterday and today, eight total new air plants also arrived. It'll take a while for the rest of my supplies for my new arrangement show up, but the plants will be easy enough to take care of in the meantime.

I just got a text that my sleep test kit has shipped! If there are any issues, they don't let that get in the way of a shipment.

Just checked the mail, and the preserved and dyed moss I ordered was in it.

Preserved and dyed moss


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