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Tests upon tests, with a side of tests

Yesterday was busy with work and we also had a vet appointment, so I decided I'd do some afternoon yoga. Sam's had a bump on his tail for years and it's never been an issue, but recently he's started chewing on that area and has licked the fur off. So we scheduled an appointment for him, and the confirmation email indicated Steve was due for annual bloodwork. We packed the boys up and went to their least favorite place.

Grumpy boys

We left Sam behind for a while so they could get a sample from his tail, and do an x-ray. I'm bummed to report that my phone never rang when they called less than an hour later, and I didn't get their voice mail until after they tried me again. He ended up waiting two hours to be picked up. Poor guy. To make matters worse, their test was inconclusive so they wanted him back again for another sample, free of charge. I did that this afternoon.

I'm pretty sleepy because I did a home sleep apnea test. Lab tests are pretty expensive, so they have a home version that they use to try to pre-qualify people with. My doctor said I'd be getting a CPAP no matter what, so if my test is inconclusive, I'll be going to the lab. The home test made for a pretty miserable night. There was a box strapped to my chest, a rubber sensor for my finger, and a tube for my nostrils, which was secured to my face with band-aids. I woke up so many times and had strange dreams. The only one I remember was about new seasons of The Real World and Road Rules filming simultaneously in Houston, which was a stark desert with skyscrapers and awesome amusement park rides.

In spite of my exhaustion, I headed out to the pool for my normal hour of treading water, which was really nice today because I went a little later and had the pool to myself a for a lot of it. As I was climbing out, one of the lifeguards came over and asked, "How do you tread water for *so long*?" I explained that I think I'm pretty buoyant. She said all the lifeguards have been talking about me and that the most any of them can do is half an hour, and her jaw dropped when I told her I did 80 minutes one of the days last week. It was fun to hear that they're impressed.

It was a nice day for it, so I went out of my way a bit after the pool to drive through the neighborhood surrounding Howarth Park. This route goes through the heart-shaped portion of that route that I was walking a lot when I was leaving on foot from home because it was too dark to go to the gulch. Stupid dirty windshield.

When I got back, I decided to have a look around our yard. I always enter the house via the garage and don't really see much of our yard sometimes, so it was time to check in. One lonely yellow flower in the front:


There were a few irises here last year, I hope they come back.


Simon, Nick, Roger, Andy, and John looking great. I wouldn't mind if they had a little trim, but I also don't want to pay for that.


These grassy things in the planters by the front door are out of control. As usual. I should try cutting them in a zig-zag or something.


Garrett's garden's looking great.


Pink snow from the tree in the center of the back yard, and the rhododendron is starting to bloom.


And this red one by the neighbor's house is looking fantastic! Off in the upper right of the photo are their very productive apple trees.


Decided to have lunch out today because I also wanted to shop for shoes. This is a pizza roll (California roll with seafood baked on top) and a spicy sashimi salad.

Pizza roll, spicy sashimi salad

And here are the shoes I got, which are the first non-athletic shoes I've picked up in five years or so. I wore my LA Gear Paramounts all the time, with separate pairs designated for walking and for other times, but those were discontinued and I don't like wearing their replacements for anything other than walking and hiking.

First non-athletic shoes I've bought in five years or so.

Unfortunately, those are very warm. I need to find something else.

I'm also excited to report that one of the new air plants I ordered for the display I'm going to create in my bedroom is blooming! Since it'll be a while before my room's ready, I decided to display that one in the kitchen.

Swapped the air plant out of this holder because one of my new plants is blooming :D

And I finally put the ribbon fish I got at the Kauai Coffee Company's gift shop up with the beaded seahorse I got from the Kona Seahorse Farm.

Bead seahorse from Kona, ribbon fish from Kalaheo.


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