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Wrong turns
Press Your Luck
I've been thinking about how the beach's walking area's days are numbered, and wanted to start there today. It also would have been a convenient place to park since I'm not using the gulch's parking area until the water main work is complete. I tried to drive the most direct way there, and you can see in the video that I took a wrong turn, and that the beach parking area was closed.

Parking up on the road near the Eastern trailhead turned out to be pretty nice. It was quite sunny and warm by the time I returned, but that area's nice and shady, so the car was cool. Thankfully I also have switched to the my thin Summer hoodie. The plan today was to take the Bowling Ball trail up West for the first time in ages, and I used my poles to cross these rocks in the creek quickly and easily.


Clear mornings make for boring sunrises, but the light in the woods is pretty neat.


I really like these orange flowers at the Mukilteo Community Garden, and I especially like how many stages are represented in this particular bunch.


There were also some very lovely mushrooms.


I didn't originally plan to spend so much time out this morning.

Today's awesome walk, 5.4 miles in 2:30, 11,607 steps, 509ft gain
5.4 miles in 2:30, 11,607 steps, 509ft gain

You can see between miles 4 and 5 that I went on one path I like but forgot how far it goes back the way I came. I also forgot how muddy it can be. Still had a lot of fun.