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"Let's make a burrito!"

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Going where the people aren't
Press Your Luck
My strategy for a long time has been to go to the pool as soon as possible, then to the grocery store. But the pool is less crowded later, and the store is less crowded earlier, so I swapped the two. I was also planning on driving to a vet office for pill pockets for Sam, so it made sense to be heading back from WinCo a little later. But I ended up popping into the emergency vet which is open all night, so it didn't really end up mattering when I went there.

Nothing very eventful about the store or the standard 60-minute swim. Here's the morning in videos and photos.

Fast food majesty0
Fabulous prizes
I love a good wall

Ended up having an impromptu lunch with my friend/coworker and her husband, and it happens to be his birthday! We finally checked out a bar/arcade in Lynnwood we've been wanting to go to, which would have been much nicer if we hadn't beat their food delivery there. Their tacos that were on special for a dollar each were pretty good, though. The video games and pinball are free to play, which is neat. They have a few classics. I forgot how hard Zaxxon is.

When I pulled up to their place to meet them, their cat Vera was watching from the window, and I finally got to meet their newest kitty, David Bowie. Both are Bombays, and they have one more Bombay and yet another black cat.

Vera standing guard
David Bowie, a tiny bombay

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Umm... did I miss the part about Steve's resolution? There seems to be a part between additional tests and you picking up pills for him. Or is it me...

We were sent home with antihistamines for Sam after the first visit which the doctor hopes will get him to stop chewing on his tail regardless of what the test results ended up being. Mast cells are present and it's likely his tail will need to be amputated. We're taking him in again on May 3.

Ugh. See? I typed 'Steve" when I obviously meant "Sam," so it was entirely possible that this bird brain of mine missed a post about Sam's treatment.

So sorry to read that amputation might be in store. It will certainly throw off his sense of balance for a while, but cats are great adapters. All the best.

Thanks. :)

And I think you correctly noticed a gap in my reporting. It's easier to miss stuff now that I do longer posts and have so much behind the cut.

I currently have two LJers who will post about their kitties. They often will have gaps in their coverage, which can be frustrating when the story involves something serious.

Still hoping things go well for you guys.

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