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I'm so thrilled with how well my air plants are doing. My original one almost looks like a sea creature that could swim away any moment.

This air plant is doing so well, I love it.

I'm putting together a big air plant display for my bedroom, and now everything I need has arrived except for the first thing that needs to go up onto the wall. Of course. They're mirror wall decals, on the way from China, but so were the wall terrariums, so I figured everything would arrive at close to the same time. My guess is that the decals are in an envelope and are being treated more like a letter. At least when they get here, tons of air plants are already waiting!

Air plants

I had two a couple of weeks ago, and I think I now have 28, plus a living piece of moss. I may get more of that as well, but I wanted some different colors, so I got some preserved and dyed moss in pink and blue.

Preserved and dyed moss

I don't want to give it all away now, but I've gotten other supplies from craft stores and pet stores, and the neat thing about these wall-mounted globes is that there's plenty of room to put all kinds of things in them. Another chance to display little things I find. Though I'm still not sure if I want a more unified look with just a couple of colors, or if I should try more variety. At least everything can be switched out on a whim.

Spent a few hours putting up glass shelves above my bedroom window. There are four, and unfortunately, only three are lined up very well. I was far from in the mood to re-do it that day, so I'll put up with it for a while. I mention it because the main reason I put them up was to have a place to put some dolls. Recently a friend sold me her MC Hammer doll, as well as the Shaving Magic Ken and the infamous Earring Magic (AKA Cock Ring Magic) Ken. Turns out the space above my window just isn't tall enough for them. I took a trip to Value Village to find various things air plants can go into, figuring I can indulge my thrift habit, list some air plants on Etsy, and display them in my room until they sell, if that ever happens. When you look at the stuff in a thrift store with an eye for air plant holders, you'll be shocked when you see just how much stuff really can. Looking forward to putting all that together. Except for getting all the stupid tags off.

A plumber just left. Our kitchen sink was blocked completely and our snake wasn't making a dent in it. Turns out that's the last of the old galvanized plumbing in the house and there are six bends! No wonder I couldn't fix it. It would have cost $2,500 or more to tear into the garage ceiling and replace everything, but thankfully the plumber's turbo snake got through and we spent just under $400. But now replacing that plumbing is on the list of things we need to think about doing around here.

Here's a cute video of Steve from yesterday. When Garrett gets home, he's so excited, so if Garrett goes out to the back yard to have a look at the garden, he gets really frustrated. Usually he does this by the back door, so I'm happy he did it where I could see.


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