christopher575 (christopher575) wrote,

Speak of the devil

Those decals for my wall display came yesterday. I should have suspected by the price that there was a bit of false advertising going on. The pictures you see in listings for them show them set up on walls behind chairs and couches, but the furniture would have to be about a foot tall for the photo to be accurate. Much smaller in real life. No big deal, I'll just incorporate them in a different way.

It was windy and rainy all night. The kind of night where you wake up constantly but don't really mind because it sounds neat. I decided partway through the night that I wasn't in the mood to walk in the rain, so I turned off my alarm and slept until 6:40! That's very late for me. We're having a nice day hanging around the house. Garrett made us bloody caesars and I made bagels.


On the left, a sandwich for him: Onion bagel, a little plain cream cheese, egg, turkey, smoked gouda.
On the right, my onion bagel has plain cream cheese, sardines packed in spicy tomato sauce and olive oil, and green onions. One half has capers.

Oh yeah, along with those decals were five more air plants. Spiky ones with a reddish tinge. That brings my total up to over 33, but I gave an air plant as a birthday present yesterday, so it's 32 now. I think.

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