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Easy like Monday morning

I wasn't looking for a difficult walk today and because it rained all day yesterday, I figured I may as well avoid the gulch entirely. The Lowell Riverfront Trail always makes for nice, flat walk in any weather. I'm glad I've decided to always park in the street above the park because the gate is never open early enough. The park opens at 6am, but I happened to be walking by the gate when truck was pulling away at 6:40.

Several of the pathways are like tunnels. It's really adorable.


It was a cloudy morning and the river was quite choppy, but I took my regular picture at this spot anyway.


I've always got my eye on landscaping these days because we could do a lot in the front of our house. I like the subtle pink mixed in with the green here.


This barn on the other side of the river is so cute. I've never been a fan of the color red and it's nice to see this teal being used.


I'm happy to report that the trail leading leading over to the restrooms is now free of mud! It seems like they may have finally cleaned it off somehow because it just wasn't going away on its own.


There were more rabbits there today than I've ever seen before, including a huge dark brown one that looked like a dog. I managed to get video of this one slurping up a dandelion like it was pasta.

Here's a different view of the bridge and stairs than what I've previously shown.


Today's awesome walk, 4.15 miles, in 1:21, 8,924 steps
4.15 miles, in 1:21, 8,924 steps

This was a very nice walk. One thing that made it so great was that I didn't see a single other person the entire time I was there. It was cold and raining and I got pretty wet, but if you keep moving it's not so bad.

Back home, Steve decided he had to sit with me at my desk for most of the morning.

My co-worker doesn't respect my personal space.

Sam's not very active right now because he's on antihistamines for a couple of weeks. He spent a bit of time after lunch surveying the yard, though.

Post-lunch ennui

I had a couple of conference calls today and was in my office well into the afternoon, but I still managed to get the first phase of the air plant display I'm setting up in my room done.

Air plant display, phase 1

I also unpacked a bunch of stuff I bought recently at a thrift store to use for air plants, and was sad to realize I must have forgotten to go back to the shelf for one of the things I wanted. I'll probably stop by tomorrow and see if it's still there.


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