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I wrapped up my hour swim just as the ladies were starting their water aerobics. I thought I'd sit for a minute in the newly-renovated sauna that was closed for an additional three weeks beyond the six week renovation, but it wasn't hot for some reason, so I left.

I'm excited to announce that the air plant display is complete! Here's phases two and three.

Air plant display, phase 2
Air plant display, phase 3

And here it is completed!


One major snag was that those metallic circles aren't self-adhesive, and there was probably a package of sticky pads included to adhere them to the wall. If there was, I didn't notice, and tossed it. A glue stick worked pretty well, but was a little harder to use.

The plants will get moved around a lot because they all have to come out weekly and I'll also be listing some air plant displays on Etsy. If any actually sell, I'll ship out what I have and replace it.

Speaking of plants, I'm happy to report that our driveway iris is back! I saw no sign of it just last week, and suddenly there it is, tall and proud.

The driveway iris is back!

Garrett spent the night down at Sea-Tac to be ready for a very early flight to Mexico for work, so I went to the neighborhood bar for Naughty Bingo/Taco Tuesday. A fun time was had by all, and I managed to tie someone during a blackout round, but he won the tiebreaker drawing. He won a mini vibrator and I got a half-price drink ticket.

Naughty bingo Prince tribute
It was a blackout tie and I lost. He got a mini vibe and I got a half price drink.


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