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Beach while you can

I was pretty tired this morning after a night of bingo and figured a nice mellow beach morning today would hit the spot. Fortunately/unfortunately, I got to see Garrett before I headed out! He spent the night down by the airport but his flight to Mexico was canceled, and because it was such a short trip, so was the whole trip. I had a pretty late start and wasn't worried at all about the gate being closed.

It was a nice morning down there, and it was my first trip in a while that happened to occur during low tide.


The Scotch Broom is out in full force this year. I've been seeing it all over the place, but was surprised to see it's even at the beach. Thank goodness I'm not allergic.


The removal of the dock has revealed some graffiti that must have been quite difficult to apply.


I did three loops around the tank farm and this guy was there during at least two of the three.


I'm curious how they'll remove all this metal when it comes time to clear this area out to make the new ferry terminal. I suppose it'll have to be cut apart with blowtorches or something.


You can see in the background, that seagull still chillin.


Today's awesome walk, 3.23 miles in 1:04, 6,936 steps
3.23 miles in 1:04, 6,936 steps

My route home went by the gulch because I wanted to confirm my suspicion that they're still doing water main work there. I have no idea how long stuff like that's supposed to take, but I bet it'll be a while.

I also did a little photoshoot today of air plant setups I'm going to attempt to sell. There are a lot, so here are some highlights.


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