christopher575 (christopher575) wrote,

Dark Cloud Approacheth

I had a very lovely time spending a vacation day with jameth! He came up from Seattle via Amtrak, and I picked him up at the station.


Our first stop was breakfast at the Strawberry Patch Cafe, which I hadn't been to since a new owner recently took over. I'm happy to report that the food was still great and the decor updates they've made are nice. When I asked for hot sauce, the server brought over a crate with 15 or so kinds. James had the ghost pepper sauce, which was hot enough to give him hiccups.

After a driving tour through the various nearby neighborhoods and the park, we came home to visit the cats and for James to have a look at an orchid that I'm trying to resurrect. Then we walked over for a lovely lunch at the neighborhood bar.


We also visited the local geek-and-gamer bar, and did a little cloud hunting on the way back.


Garrett was nice enough to bring home Thai food, and we had a lovely evening hanging out in the basement.

Arms and legs



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