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I had a really beautiful dream this morning in which Tatiana (suxdonut) and her brother Ian (drinkyclown) and I were having a grand time swimming and taking photos in strange and impossible natural waterways before making our way to the art school we all went to. Turns out I was being "laid off" from school even though I was very successful there and really well-liked. Lots of artwork I'd made was on display around the campus and I was trying to photograph an enlarged version of a page from a test I'd taken. It explained that I chose to draw the assigned cupcakes dancing down a waterfall because I wanted to work at JWT or BBDO and they needed to be dynamic.

This thing was about the size of a 2-car garage and hung over the main lobby. It looked great in person but none of the angles I tried on my phone worked. This is a common theme in my dreams, the phone or the computer just doesn't work. Tears rolled down my face because I just wanted a good photo and all I could get was a black screen. And it wasn't really clear at the time if all my work was staying up after I left.

On my way out, I saw Tatiana giving a tour through the student gallery, explaining that a lot of our stuff was going to be switched out soon because we'd all inadvertently used similar color schemes and they not only all looked too much like Instagram filters, but they were especially annoying to colorblind people. The works in question were made from pastel construction paper and hung down from the ceiling like banners, and I was shocked they were even staying together as everyone walked through and touched them.

And then I remembered I still had an office to clean out that had Zima and other neon signs, and I of course had no idea how I was going to get that all moved to or where it would go.


I spent a good half an hour or so laying in bed basking in the amazing imagery from that dream and thinking about how in my real life, I managed to land a job in a JWT subsidiary and work my way from a hellish account service position into my branch's first traffic role, and finally a copywriting job that was what I'd always wanted, and turned out to be a huge disappointment. And I also can't get over how strange and fantastic the things I see in my dreams can be. They don't even feel like they come from my own mind sometimes.
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