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I'm happy to report that I listed three air plants on Etsy yesterday and two friends made purchases almost immediately! So I listed three more today and am hoping for similar success. I also ordered some stuff to make very cool setups today and am excited about being able to put those together soon. The only bad part is that I'll have to go to the post office tomorrow. I may even go twice, once to pick up some boxes and envelopes to bring home and pack up, and then another time to drop them off. But it's not far.

We've arrived at that time of year where sunglasses are recommended for the morning walk.


Of course, since it's the gulch, I had to ditch the sunglasses after a few minutes because it was pretty dark once I got down to the Rusty Car Trail, which seems like it's becoming more overgrown than last year. I should check my old photos.


The mushrooms are loving the early, wet spring.


My mission for the day was to explore the Northwest portion of the gulch. There are lots of trails and lots of ways out, but it'd been a while since I'd walked around the area without just being on my way in or out. It was a fun walk, but of course with the starting point being up top, there wasn't as much climbing.

Today's awesome walk, 4.4 miles in 2:04, 11,925 steps, 215ft gain
4.4 miles in 2:04, 11,925 steps, 215ft gain

There's one way out that's been flooded for ages now, and it was cool to discover today that there's a new trail to make up for that! It's still new and narrow, so my feet got pretty wet, but it's a cool find.


It's got a lot of these funky things like down at the river. I dig 'em.


Too much sunnnnnnn, ugh.


At least the view of Mt. Baker is nice when it's clear out.


Today's the last day of my mostly-lazy four-day weekend. I'm yawning right now just thinking about Monday.


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