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The other gulch

Every once in a while, I like to cheat on Japanese Gulch with her neighbor down the road, Big Gulch. She's a fancier, simpler gulch, surrounded by even more expensive real estate. There's only one trail to climb up, so I always walk down via the residential streets, which have great views.



It was nice to go this way today because I didn't want a second day in a row with the poles. Don't get me wrong, they're great. But it's a pain to take photos or skip a song on the iPod or get a drink of water with them, and they're really loud on sidewalks. So it's good to alternate.

The trails leading up were nice as always.


Of course, there are a couple of muddy spots. But at least at Big Gulch, the muddy spots aren't on scary, steep hillsides.


Today's awesome walk, 4.4 miles in 1:39, 10,368 steps, 387ft gain
4.4 miles in 1:39, 10,368 steps, 387ft gain

Today was the first time I walked South on the upper loop trail. At least, I think it was. It looked so unfamiliar in the same way trails always do when I walk them the other way for the first time. I decided to walk back via the road so I wouldn't have to do the stair climb at the park, and was a bit worried because the sun was so bright. Thankfully the neighborhood is hilly enough that it mostly wasn't an issue.

Completely unrelated, I found a suction cup soap dish at Dollar Tree and decided to use it to put some air plants in the bathroom. Steve might be able to reach it so I hope he leaves it alone. I've got enough plants on hand now to fill my display pretty well, and ten more came today, so the timing for this was good. I've already changed out the plant on the left for an even bigger one.

Soap dish as air plant holder

I recorded the drives out there and back today, but I'm not really interested in showing them when it's so bright and clear out. It's really the clouds that generally make for good time lapses.

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