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Had an extremely productive morning at work and then went out to the pool for my hour of treading water. My iPod did such a great job today, somehow shuffling in about half the songs from Information Society's newest album, Orders of Magnitude. Also toward the end, I got to hear one of the mixes of "Light" by KMFDM, which is an exercise anthem for me. For the three years in college when I was on a very strict diet and worked out six days a week without fail, the only music I listened to while exercising was the CD single of "Light." I'm a little bummed to see that only four of the nine tracks are on our server at the moment, so I need to look into that.

Today's Sam's follow-up visit with the vet, and I'm quite sure the recommendation will be to have his tail amputated above the area where the bumps are. It's really for the best, and I'm mostly hoping that I can just leave him there today for the procedure. The last thing he'll be in the mood for is extra trips, especially since I had to take him in the next day for a second sample last time. He's doing pretty great, though. Same hungry, loud, lovey cat. There was a bit of spaciness the first couple of days he was taking his antihistamine, but he's mostly gotten used to it. I saw him miss his landing when jumping off the chair the other day, but he recovered quickly.

Unfortunately, that appointment's not until 3pm. I'd really like to get it over with, but they didn't have anything earlier.

I got my first two air plant orders shipped out yesterday, and just about broke even. I may have lost a dollar or two. I think it's pretty hard to sell items and make any money unless you sell a lot, charge a lot for shipping, and have items that'll fit in the smallest flat rate box, which is pretty small. So it's great for jewelry, but little else. But I'm fine with that, because I wouldn't have made all that much money even if I'd made a little. It's just a creative outlet for me and a way to have a lot of air plants around without going crazy decorating the entire house. In fact, I'm sitting next to a box of supplies that just arrived and am pretty excited about some new displays I'll be making.

I also got another ten plants yesterday. This batch has several varieties I didn't previously have.

Newest batch of plants includes several varieties I didn't already have.

Here's an updated view of the original setup, I've added a red one to the blooming one.


Just to show why my first plant excites me so much, here it is on the right next to a younger one of the same variety. I love how well it's doing.

A comparison shot to show growth potential

And because I forgot to use it yesterday, here's a shot from the safety mirror on the access road that leads to the Big Gulch trail head.



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