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Some results are in, some are not

Sam's tail amputation is scheduled for Tuesday. Since there are mast cells in his tail, they gave him a chest x-ray to make sure there are no tumors there, because there's no point in cutting off a tail to prevent cancer if there's already cancer somewhere that's more deadly. We're still waiting to hear about that.

Taking Sam to the vet is always such a chore. Even though he can be a brat at home when it comes to food, he's a true sweetheart. Completely cuddly and sweet, always excited to meet new people. As soon as he's in the carrier, he cries, and he growls and hisses the entire time he's at the vet. Paradoxically, he was also drooling the entire time, so picture growling, hissing, drooling, and even screaming when she had to turn him around to examine him. Quite a scene.

If looks could kill...

A cuter scene from a couple of hours earlier when he was pretending he hadn't already had his lunch.

Sam pretending he hasn't eaten

While we haven't heard back about those x-rays, I finally heard back about some results for me:

Your recent sleep study has revealed mild obstructive sleep apnea with severe oxygen desaturations; you had 14 /hr abnormal breathing pauses ( <5 is normal; > 30 severe obstructive sleep apnea), with oxygen levels dropping to as low as 81 % (less than 90% leads to oxygen deprivation).

I've already heard from the medical supply company about the CPAP. Her next call was to my insurance company, and once that's settled, she'll call back to schedule my visit to show me how to use it. Of course I'm worried about trying to sleep with something strapped to my head, but I've heard a lot of good things from friends. And I imagine I'll feel a lot better. I'm really tired of waking up with headaches, waking up throughout the night, and, well, being tired all afternoon. Tired of being tired, yeah.

Somewhat related, I was quite tired this morning, but for a good reason. I went down to Seattle yesterday to see Alan (badrobot68)! He came up from Portland for one night to hit Beareoke as an early birthday trip, and I met up with him and Aengus (mischiefduck) at an old favorite dinner hangout, Ballet. Along for the evening was Aengus' boyfriend Blair, who I hadn't previously met, and it was about time I did. I had a great time with them but decided to bug out at 8pm when karaoke started because I was tired. That's my bedtime anyway, and I'm all for staying up late, but when you're not sleeping well, it's pretty hard to do. And with the drive home ahead of me, I figured I may as well go while everyone was getting up to move from the upper bar to the lower. At least I got to visit with quite a few other lj franz before heading out: supa_dupa_gay, bukephalus, tbass, and jameth, again! And I gave him a ride home. I don't know at what point I stopped taking so many pictures while I'm out with people. I guess now that I always take so many of myself before I get one I like, I just don't want to bug anyone with multiple shots. ;)

Daring to stay up until almost as late as a regular person left me feeling pretty fried this morning. I decided to head over for a nice walk on the waterfront. I've been wanting to have another look at the future site of the new parks and residential areas, and it's been on my mind since they announced that the farmers' market this season will be moved over there. These aren't areas I'm unfamiliar with, but I wanted to refresh my memory and see it all in a new context. And I really wasn't in the mood to do the endless, "Good morning. Morning. Good morning." that comes when I complete the loop on the residential street up above, so I just stayed down by the water. But I parked up above by Region Memorial Park so I could at least get a climb at the end of the walk.

I gotta say, I'm always impressed by the landscaping around here. This is the hillside below where I parked just above a busy roadway.


It was low tide, so I saw tons of birds having their breakfast. Some of them were zooming around in a really tight formation and I really wanted video of them, but I just couldn't get it.


The joke I posted everywhere was that this place "failed P.E."


I was just taking a nice picture of rust, I didn't even notice the cute little utility boxes or whatever those things that look like cartoon robot dogs are.


Landscaping inspiration. Didn't notice at the time that it was moving in the wind.


Of the thousands of cyclists who have passed me while I was walking, this woman was probably only the second or third who rang a bell to let me know she was coming. Bring back the bike bell, people! When I used to rollerblade back in Albuquerque, I'd call out to people to let them know I was passing, but I always thought it'd be funny to put a bell on my wrist guard.


Today's awesome walk, 4.68 miles in 1:31, 10,098 steps, 215ft gain
4.68 miles in 1:31, 10,098 steps, 215ft gain

Lovely walk today. I need to spend more time down there. Between when I was done with work and when I went out to lunch, I put together an air plant item and sold it almost immediately to wring! I got a lot of positive feedback about this one, so I'll be on the lookout for more fairies.


Since it was a nice cloudy and rainy morning, here are the videos of the drives out and back. That's a gorgeous neighborhood and I love all the trees and old houses. I also love the rain on the windshield in the second video.

And for no reason other than that he's cute as hell, here's Steve.

"Oh, you're here."


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