christopher575 (christopher575) wrote,

Laps and plants

I finally went back to Snohomish for laps for the first time since I had my hair colored again. It's really just blonde now so I wasn't worried about getting my hair in the water. The drive over was so nice.

I started out counting the laps on my watch, but I kept forgetting to hit the button and decided to stop counting. It's interesting to know how far I go during my hour of laps, but not as necessary to me as the maps of my walks are.

wring bought my Fire Fairy air plant as soon as she saw the etsy link! I went straight from the pool to the post office to get that shipped off to her.

After work was done, I had a little photoshoot for another new air plant item.


And while I was waiting for my niece Katie to come over so we could meet Garrett at our neighborhood bar for steak night, I happened to notice that my friend who tends bar there posted that she was having a bad day, so I threw a little something together to bring along to cheer her up.

A little something I put together for a friend who's having a bummer of a day.

Steak night was lovely, as always. But I spent way too much time on the phone yesterday.

1) Called the vet because they didn't call Wednesday about Sam's chest x-ray. Still haven't heard back about that.

2) Got a call from the company that'll set me up with my CPAP. I have a group appointment in one week for that. And I'm so relieved, because it's been a few bad nights in a row now.

3) Our lawn guy wants to come every two weeks instead of every three because otherwise the lawn will be too long and difficult to cut. I explained over and over that it was fine and I just had to run it by Garrett before confirming and he would start the explanation over again.

And now I need to call the local waste management company because our food and yard waste bin is gone. They have an email address on their site but if you saw their site, you'd probably call too, even if you hate phone calls as much as I do.

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