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Press Your Luck
Of course when I find out I've got a week to go until I get my CPAP, I sleep just terribly. It was a long night of flipping over and trying to get comfortable. At least the dreams were good. I don't remember them now, but I remember thinking they were neat at the time. Sam scratched at my door so I let him in for the last couple of hours before I got up, and he behaved, lounging at the foot of my bed. I love sleeping with either of the cats when they'll actually behave, but it's pretty rare. It's a better experience here than back at the Seattle condo, though. My bed was right by the window and Sam just wouldn't leave the blinds alone. Ever.

I didn't feel great this morning but I figured I'd feel better if I went out for a nice, easy walk instead of just staying in. I decided I'd brave the harrowing freeway merge on the way back and go to Spencer Island. Going there on a Friday makes sense, because my gear usually goes in the laundry on Saturday, so going somewhere that usually stinks of sewage the last day before that is smart. It's getting light out really early, so it was already quite bright out by the time I set out. The drive over was lovely.

Cute snail who was on the road right by where I parked.


It's weird when it's so sunny and clear out there. Reminds me a bit of New Mexico, just with a little more green.


I just did the loop around the island today, and almost turned back when I saw how overgrown with wet grass the trail was. But I washed my shoes a couple of days ago and they weren't fully dry anyway, so I went for it.


There were lots of geese out today. It's annoying that I had to use YouTube to share this video I originally made in Snapchat, but when I try to add that video to Instagram or Vine, it just freezes. Same thing goes for Vines I try to import to Instagram. Pretty shitty of all these services not to play well together.


I got some Vines of other ones, too.

Today's awesome walk, 2.56 miles in 58 minutes, 6,063 steps
2.56 miles in 58 minutes, 6,063 steps

The drive home was so bright and typical that I didn't bother reviewing the video when I got home. Sam and Steve certainly enjoyed the sun.


The driveway iris looks great.

Driveway iris update

Friday is air plant watering day. I used MSPaint to put dots on a copy of this photo to help me count them. I currently have 42, and of those, only two are ones I absolutely would not part with.

Weekly watering is done.

Some supplies arrived for another air plant setup I'll be offering soon. It was tempting to make one and post it right away, but I was so tired that I forced myself to relax with a movie instead. And I ended up nodding off for a while, and felt much better.

Quite a busy weekend ahead. Tomorrow is Garrett's birthday, and we'll visit his parents on Sunday for Mothers' Day. I told her I'd trade her two of my air plants for the one I gave her because she wants a different variety, and I covet that particular plant I gave her, so I guess I'll have 41 soon.

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I'm sorry you are not sleeping well. Maybe as you have confirmation and know there's a solution your brain is waking you up when your oxygen levels drop?

Wow - that's a lot of plants. I need to find somewhere over here that sells them wholesale as I'm going to make a few terrariums and see if I can sell them at a stall in July.

Are you going to make some stained glass terrariums? A lot of great possibilities, there.

I wouldn't say my sleep is any worse now than it often is, it's just that with treatment finally being a week away, waiting is hard and my attitude when I'm tired is worse. :)

I'm sure it's really difficult not to be impatient when there's a solution so close!

Yes, I'm going to make stained glass terrariums. I've got some simple patterns that won't take long to put together and loads of pretty glass.

That's a great idea and pretty unique as far as what's available in the marketplace. You should have no problem selling those.

I did a quick search for wholesale and regular plant suppliers over there, looks like you can get a pretty good deal on ten-packs from regular sellers and pay about the same rate as you would signing up with a wholesaler. But that's just one link and of course you'll want to shop around.

I found that one too (but thank you for looking!). I need to see how many I need to buy, but it might be a good idea to start with 10 and then see how it goes. I can sell them at cost and charge for the terrarium.

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