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The busiest of busy weekends

Saturday was Garrett's birthday and as such, was one of the few times a year we'll treat ourselves to an afternoon and evening out that's a bit pricier than our neighborhood bar. Our friend Barbara had raved about Bluewater Distilling, and Garrett agreed it looked great.

One thing that going out somewhere other than our immediate neighborhood requires is a travel plan. Bus service is majorly lacking here, and the limited selection is even worse on weekends. There are a few Uber drivers here and we use them pretty often, mostly on the way home. The distillery is on the waterfront, which is a place I walk often and not too far to walk to, so I volunteered to drive us down, leave the car overnight, and walk back for it in the morning.

We hoped our friend Melissa who lives in her boat nearby could join us, but it turned out she was on the water. She messaged asking if we'd like to come over to the boat for a bit once she was docked before she had to head out to an event, so we decided to have a few drinks and a snack at Bluewater, meet her for a bit, and then decide what to do next.

The drinks at Bluewater are amazing. They make their own vodka and gin on the premises, and have a lot of bottles infusing with various ingredients for cocktails.


They probably don't normally have as many tequila specials since they don't make their own tequila, but the board was full of stuff for Cinco de Mayo, and I mostly drink tequila, so that worked out great. This was my favorite, and someday when we have a more elaborate bar set up, I'd like to make more stuff like this.


We had macaroni and cheese and bread to tide us over until dinner, and they were great, but it took a while for it to come out. Sometimes I wonder if places that specialize in cocktails might let their kitchens be a little slower so they can sell more. The timing was fine, though, because they were ready for us over at the dock just as we were wrapping up.

I wasn't sure what to expect from the boat, because she described it to us as pretty spacious when we were in Hawaii, but I also remembered how tiny the boat I stayed on in Port Angeles was. Turns out, hers is way nicer. You can stand up throughout the entire thing! There are two places to sleep, and two bathrooms! And a dog!

Dog life

Melissa and her boyfriend had a yacht club event they had to be off to, so we decided we'd go to dinner at Prohibition, but stop at the Bluewater to have one more drink and access to a real bathroom before we called for our Uber to take us up there. Dinner was fantastic, and one more Uber got us home.

My Sunday alarm is set for 5:00am, but I didn't need it because Steve came to visit me in bed at 3:30 and was pretty bratty for the last 45 minutes of that. I got up, geared up, did my stretches in the garage, and headed out. It was nice walking down there from the house, because my original neighborhood walking routes were in that direction and I got to see a lot of my old views.


I found a house with a flying monkey! I'm so jealous.


I went a little bit out of my way so I could go through the Forgotten Creek Natural Area, which was lovely as always. Even though there were tons of mosquitoes. I finally got some mosquito repellent, but that was in my car.


When you emerge from Forgotten Creek at the railroad tracks which stop you from proceeding to the beach, there's a tiny little park called Depot Park, which is where I saw the largest iris ever.


This little auto shop is so cute! It could really use some power washing and paint, but I just love the look.


Today's awesome walk, 5.87 miles in 2:08, 13,542 steps, 215ft gain
5.87 miles in 2:08, 13,542 steps, 215ft gain

It was just over three miles to the car and I wanted to walk a lot more than that, so I just kept going past it. They were setting up for the farmers' market in its new location, which should be great. The last few years, it's been crammed into a small parking lot next to a restaurant near the road, but now it'll be way out toward the water with lots of room to spread out. Not sure what'll happen when they finally break ground on all the new residential buildings, park space, and hotel, but it's all apparently part of the plan.

We picked up a bunch of Chinese food to take over to Bev and Dennis for Mothers' Day. I hoped to get a new photo of Bev, but her hair came out darker than usual at the salon and she wouldn't let me. It looked fine. Bella wasn't very camera shy.

Bella watching the world go by

Nobody wanted to make a decision about what sort of cake to have for Garrett's birthday, so there were four choices, and now there are way too many leftovers.

Happy day-after-birthday Garrett!

Garrett's grandmother now lives in a home just across the street, which is very convenient. While I waited out front for everyone else so we could walk over, this bird was enjoying the fountain out front so much that it didn't matter that I was standing right there.

And finally, I've decided to finally name my original and favorite air plant. This is Monica.

Obviously I can't name all of my air plants, but this one's my favorite and she'll be called Monica.

If this post seems long, you should see how much I posted to Snapchat and Instagram during that walk. I've always hated how much the content online dries up over the weekend, so I'm happy to pump out a lot on a Sunday morning.


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