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Beach appreciation

I drove down to Mukilteo thinking I might park on the road by the gulch and walk in on the Eastern trail head. I also wanted to drive by a house that a friend has put an offer on, which is on the way down.

I didn't bother taking too close of a look at the situation, because there was a backhoe or something right there where the trail normally begins. I have a feeling they have to completely tear that area apart for the water main work and are going to have to rebuild it when they're done. It's a little odd to me that the group in charge of the gulch hasn't even mentioned all this on their social media. No worries, though, because it's an easy walk down the gulch's interpretive trail down to the beach, which I'll be spending a lot more time at until it closes down for construction of the new ferry terminal.


It was an excellent day for cloudspotting.


jameth added me to a cloudspotting group on Facebook and I've been enjoying it a lot. I like groups like that and the food group I belong to because you can post more of those things without people getting tired of it. There's no excuse if they do, they're in the group, after all! I especially like the food group because nobody there expects gorgeous photos, they just want to know what people are making and how. Doesn't matter if it's ugly, like the stuffed cabbage I made from leftover pork fried rice in the pressure cooker last night.


It's a bit of a bummer when you can line up the perfect shot on your phone but the zoom takes away all the quality.


I'll really miss the way the plants interact with the concrete and metal down there.


Yesterday's awesome walk, 4.48 miles in 1:34, 10,078 steps, 248ft gain
4.48 miles in 1:34, 10,078 steps, 248ft gain

The clouds were still gorgeous on the way home.

Driveway iris update. A yellow one has joined!

Driveway iris update, now with bonus yellow iris

Sometimes Steve gets a little worked up when he sees other cats or birds outside, or thinks he sees them. Raw footage I made this vine from is on Instagram.

Sam and Steve sharing the small downstairs perch they fought over a couple of days before. I decided to go run some errands so I wouldn't see how this ended.

Gonna leave before this turns ugly


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