christopher575 (christopher575) wrote,

A tale of a tail

Sam's tail is now gone. The vet called to let me know that he took nearly all of it off because he found skin tag-type growths once he removed the hair, and they concerned him. Here's the last picture I got of Sam, yesterday, with his tail intact.


He's being released at 5pm, and then we're in for an interesting few days. I've never seen Sam in an Elizabethan collar, but I bet he'll be really annoyed with it. Poor guy.

We took him in this morning, so I swam during today's noon session instead of the early one. When I got there, I saw this.


New lockers! I'm glad I happened to show up right then and see them, because I was able to get a close look and determine that the small luggage lock I've been using at the other pool won't fit. No problem, I just ordered a pair of those locks with four number dials where you can choose your own combination. I have one somewhere that I used for a long time, but don't know where it is. It was actually from one of the computer labs I worked at in college. Nobody knew the combination, so I asked if I could have it if I managed to open it. There were only three dials, so it wouldn't be hard. I was told that was fine, and I spent a little while during my next shift trying the numbers in order until I got it. Obviously that proves that one with three dials isn't as good as one with four, but for a locker room where you can't just stand around forever trying, it's fine. But the new one will be better, and it comes with a spare for the same price as a lot of others I saw.

The attendant said there will still be some that are coin operated, but I'd rather use my own lock.

Anyway, that's my exciting day.


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