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575 sconce

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"Let's make a burrito!"

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Sam's home
Press Your Luck
Obviously he's not happy, but things are going about as well as one can hope for. He's 15 and this is his first time in an Elizabethan collar. Poor dude.

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How long is he in "lock-up"?

And Sam's bound to be in for some awkward jumping moments now that he's had his rear balance changed!

We're not really sure because his stitches need to be left completely alone for two weeks, at which point they come out. So, we can't leave him and Steve together unsupervised. After a few days, we might do upstairs/downstairs separation instead of having Sam in Garrett's room, but we'll see. Garrett's got the master suite, so it's a pretty good setup.

I'm happy to report Sam's already jumped onto the bed and the bathroom counter! Not sure how the landing coming back down was.

Poor kid! When Ella has her claw that got infected, she was in it for about 4 days, I think? AJ was nice enough to go and study at my apartment while I was working, so at least she has the company most of the time. She seemed sad having it on, but coped pretty well.

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