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I can see clearly now

I don't care for the extended daylight hours during Daylight Saving Time, but the early sunrises work for me. I can leave earlier every day. In fact, to get back in time to take care of Sam before Garrett leaves for work, I may just leave for Friday's walk at 4:30am! For today's, I started getting ready somewhere around 5:00 and wished I'd gotten an earlier start.

Since I'm avoiding the bottom of the gulch due to the water main work, I drove straight to the business park up at the top by the airport. It was lovely out.


I especially like when I start that walk and there's a really great view of Mt. Rainier.


We've had a lot of really dry days, so I was hoping to cross the creek at one of the areas that's normally really deep and wet. I was about one good step away from getting across, but didn't do it because it was early in the walk and I didn't want my shoes to get wet, but it definitely might be a possibility soon. This could lead to a chance to explore parts that I think have been abandoned but might still be fun to check out. Instead, I headed over to Bowling Ball Adjacent, which is a pretty easy trail to climb as long as you can get to it. There's been a lot of mud around the bottom, though, but today it was dry enough, so I headed up.

I briefly thought about heading down to find the way to the top of Bootie Scoot, which I've only gone down once because I had to sit down and scoot, hence the name. But I want to try going up it, and it's next to the part that I think is abandoned, so I'm just curious where I'll end up when I emerge, plus there might be even more to see up there that I don't know about.

But I wanted a shorter walk and the trails started winding around a lot and I figured it was time to head up. I'm glad I gave up when I did, because I found something pretty interesting. A huge area has been cleared somehow up at the top. I have no idea how because there doesn't seem to be any way for big equipment to get up there. There's been no mention of it on the foundations Facebook page, either. They've removed a lot of blackberry bushes in other areas, but they always post a lot of pictures and thank the volunteers. Not a peep about this huge area in the woods.

I had a bit of trouble entering the area because I had to climb over this.


Here's just a small part of the cleared area.


I used the clearing to get from one trail to another, cutting across an area I've never been in at all. It was really neat to be able to and I'll be back to explore it more thoroughly soon.

There's a trail near the entrance I've talked about recently that's been flooded so much that it looked like a stream. I was able to walk that way for the first time in months today. But I didn't need to go that way, so I turned back pretty quickly.


Today's awesome walk, 3.16 miles in 1:23, 8,198 steps, 187ft gain
3.16 miles in 1:23, 8,198 steps, 187ft gain

The GPS got a little wonky at the end there! I followed the road that's in yellow so that last part should be much straighter. I wasn't cutting through people's yards.

It's funny that I woke up from a dream today in which I realized I was carrying a trekking pole and then realized it wasn't mine because it had a quick-release collapse system, because I want to get a new set soon for that specific reason. I love using my poles, but they're annoying to have to carry once I'm back on concrete. Too loud if I use them, too much impact when they hit. Mostly I held them up behind me for the last part of the walk, and that hurts my hands eventually. It'll be nice to get a fancy set that not only collapses small for storage, but adjusts quickly for extended uphill or downhill use.

Sam's doing as well as we can hope for so far. The collar makes it pretty hard to feed him, though. At night when we're both here, we can take it off him for a quick cleaning and let him eat freely, but it's hard for one person to put it back on, so I had to come up with a solution for solo feeding. this worked pretty well, but I may end up just using my hand because that's even easier.

Figured out how to help Sam eat.

And I managed to get Steve into a Snapchat filter again.



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