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Sunday by the river

I didn't want to get out of bed this morning, but Friday was a very busy day and I skipped my walk, so I got up and headed out. So yeah, Friday. I had the day off from work and was originally going hiking, but ended up with a 10am appointment to get my CPAP. I stayed in before that so we'd both be here to medicate Sam. Unfortunately, I haven't been able to use the CPAP because the mask didn't make it home with me. I think they forgot to hand it back to me after they took it from me to log it for inventory. And of course I didn't realize this until after closing time, and they don't have any weekend hours. So, maybe tomorrow night will be the first time.

I went out to lunch at White Lotus, which was lovely, though I hate when you order a curry and there's so much sauce that it's really hard to fish all the meat and vegetables out of it. I ordered it with vermicelli noodles and a side of prawns on sugar cane. Good stuff.

Prawns on sugar cane, beef curry with vermicelli.

Friday was a good food day. Our neighbors gave us this enormous hunk of salmon. I baked the whole thing and cut servings for us off the large end.

Check out this huuuuuge piece of salmon our neighbors gave us

Sam's doing pretty well so we've been having him out to visit more. We even take off his collar if he's sitting with us now.

And look who's hanging out with everyone for the first time since the surgery! :D

The air plants are doing great. I gave one to the neighbor who gave us the salmon. She chose this container, but a different plant. And we filled it with white gravel so the plant couldn't fall in.


Weekly watering: complete

Saturday was fun. We stayed in and watched Eurovision. I stayed up a little too late.

And that brings us to this morning, and I was in the mood for Spencer Island and the Langus Riverfront Trail.

I started on the paved trail and was using Snapchat when I noticed that there are reverse, fast, and slow filters for videos. Fun!

It rained last night and I saw more slugs today than I've ever seen in a single day.


The river was very low, and very green.


Today's awesome walk, 4.46 miles in 1:34, 10,115 steps
4.46 miles in 1:34, 10,115 steps

I decided I'd do a complete loop on the paved side and then walk as much of the natural side as I could without getting too wet. Obviously the satellite photo isn't current, but even in that one you can kind of tell that the area where I didn't walk is one that gets overgrown a lot.

I decided to take the scenic route home. If you've been reading here a long time, you might recognize some areas from older photos. For example, the Six Feet Under tree at 1:06.

I used the rest of the salmon from Friday to make salmon cakes for the first time. They were ok.

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