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The creek, she rises again

I read my last entry again and realized I said Friday was so busy but didn't even mention half the stuff I did. I was hoping to get some asparagus to with the salmon and baked potatoes for dinner, and was hoping to get it at the Friday Everett Mall edition of the Farmers' Market, which I thought was starting that day. After lunch, I went to the mall to see Captain America: Civil War, and the timing was perfect. The market was supposed to start at 3pm, and I even saw a huge area of the parking lot cordoned off as I arrived for the movie.

It turns out I was completely wrong about the farmers' market. It's not starting until June 17, which is weird, because the waterfront edition started two Sundays ago. Seems like they'd just have the same weeks. No big deal, I thought, I'll just go a little further South to the produce stand by our old apartment. Nope, that's gone out of business. So I headed back to our neighborhood farm stand, which was thankfully open and had asparagus. That one's owned by the same people who ran the other one by our apartment, and the cashier said they've actually been out of business for a while now over there. I don't make it to the old neighborhood a lot.

Anyway, back to today. I decided it'd be fun to head to the gulch and go all the way down to the bottom, essentially the reverse version of the simple route I was doing when the place was a bit muddy and I just wanted to be able to climb. It's a little longer because of the extra distance to and from the parking area. And I specifically wanted to come out the way I entered, because if I climb the Western slope and leave via the residential neighborhood, that's a lot of concrete to carry my trekking poles over. And since I've been avoiding the bottom while they do the water main work, I had no idea how it's been progressing, so I wanted to check it out.

It was a nice morning. Almost, dare I say, cold?


This is the area that was getting so muddy for so long. Looks like all the water flowing down from above has finally carved enough of little stream that it might provide enough drainage. We'll see.


Here's the spot where you can enter just East of the parking area, from the street. It's crazy how much they've cleared it. It used to be that to get to the street, upper left, you had to follow the gravel on the right, go up out of frame on the right a ways, and double back. Now everything's gone and you can just walk right up. I'm a little worried what'll happen the next heavy rain, but I'm also not an engineer or anything.


This is another newly-cleared area, near the dog park. There's still a lot of equipment nearby, so I'll continue parking elsewhere.


A very odd, right-angle tree.


And a couple of nice splashes of color that caught my eye.


Today's awesome walk, 4.52 miles in 1:41, 10,599 steps, 457ft gain
4.52 miles in 1:41, 10,599 steps, 457ft gain

If we hadn't had rain over the weekend and the creek (stream?) that runs down the center dried out a bit more, I'd have explored a couple of spots that I want to check out, but I'm patient and can wait until it's really dry and I don't have to get my shoes wet. Especially since it's likely that the parts I want to see will be very overgrown and I'll have to turn back pretty quickly. And I'm definitely not complaining about a little rain. It was nice, and I can't stand extended periods of dry weather. I'll just take advantage of the dry conditions when they happen.

This afternoon I put together a new air plant offering, magnetic terrariums for your fridge. I only did two combinations of sand and moss, but I've got six colors of sand and six colors of moss, so there are tons of options. I'm hoping to attract the people who have told me they'd like to have an air plant, but can't keep plants out of their cat's reach.



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