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I keep forgetting to add things to posts

After my walk this morning, I drove over to the medical supply company where I went on Friday to pick up the CPAP. I explained that I left the mask behind and joked that I figured it wasn't returned to me when they logged it, and that I was definitely blaming everyone but myself. The woman helping me laughed, looked up my info, and then spotted the mask right next to her on the desk with a note saying to let so-and-so know that I accidentally left it behind and to let so-and-so know when I'd come back for it. I'm a little curious why nobody called me about it and why she hadn't noticed it sitting right there. Weirdos.

So, looks like tonight's the night. I really can't wait, not just because I'm exhausted and need the help, but because they advised that insurance companies generally won't continue the arrangement unless it's used a certain amount of nights in the first 30 days, and I've already missed three nights. The machine has a wireless 3G modem, so I can't even lie about it. Ha.

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