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I keep forgetting to add things to posts
Press Your Luck
After my walk this morning, I drove over to the medical supply company where I went on Friday to pick up the CPAP. I explained that I left the mask behind and joked that I figured it wasn't returned to me when they logged it, and that I was definitely blaming everyone but myself. The woman helping me laughed, looked up my info, and then spotted the mask right next to her on the desk with a note saying to let so-and-so know that I accidentally left it behind and to let so-and-so know when I'd come back for it. I'm a little curious why nobody called me about it and why she hadn't noticed it sitting right there. Weirdos.

So, looks like tonight's the night. I really can't wait, not just because I'm exhausted and need the help, but because they advised that insurance companies generally won't continue the arrangement unless it's used a certain amount of nights in the first 30 days, and I've already missed three nights. The machine has a wireless 3G modem, so I can't even lie about it. Ha.

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AJ is looking into getting one too. Let us know how it goes.

I didn't think it would go too well the first night because I have the mask that's just for your nostrils because my beard wouldn't allow for a proper seal otherwise. They sent me home with a chin strap to keep my mouth closed but I was having a hard time trying to keep it on while sliding the mask on, so I did what the instructor does which is just concentrate on keeping my mouth closed. I snore through my mouth so I thought it would be hard, but I guess the CPAP worked well enough that my mouth didn't open.

The skin around my nostrils is really sore this morning, and other than my bathroom breaks throughout the night being more complicated, it was ok! I feel pretty good this morning and am looking forward to a few more consecutive nights of the right amount of oxygen.

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I'm a total mouth breather.

I hope the equipment all works for you!

Pretty well so far! I'll elaborare more in today's post and I suppose I should have said as much in my comment above. :)

You have to plug it in, right? There's no battery pack? Does this mean you can't go camping? I'm pretty sure I need a CPAP but I'm afraid that I'll die when I go camping because I'll forget how to breathe on my own.

You do have to plug it in, which is fine with me because I hate camping.

You're not really in danger of anything other than a bad night's sleep without it. After the first few breaths it doesn't even feel like anything different's happening to be honest. What's really different is when you fall deeper into sleep and your airway starts to close, the air pressure increases to keep it open. Even when you wake up during that, it doesn't feel like it's super high until you pull it off and and ton of air shoots out and you're like, whoa, that was going in me!

Gonna put my two cents in and say the sleep you get your entire life when you're not camping is much more important than the few nights you spend camping. And there's always generators. :)

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