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CPAP, night 2
Press Your Luck
- My watch monitors my sleeping habits and says I got almost four hours of deep sleep, which is double what it typically said before.
- I only remember waking up three times. The first two were typical bathroom breaks and the third was just waking up feeling quite rested at 3:15am, 45 minutes before my alarm. Sam was on my bed and I just snoozed with him until the alarm went off.
- My setup is a nostril pillow because of the beard, thankfully I've managed to keep my mouth closed without adding the chin strap. Right now my only complaint is that the skin around the edges of my nostrils and directly below hurts. A lot. That's with the medium size pillow, so I'll try the large one next.

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I'm really glad it seems to be improving your sleep. Are you feeling better during the day (apart from the sore skin)?

It's a bit early to say just yet. I was pretty sleepy yesterday and am now as well, but I've also already been up more than five hours. I can already say that first thing in the morning is way better. I'd gotten so used to an awful pressing headache for the first hour and it's so nice to wake up now without it.

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