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A house divided

After a week cooped up in Garrett's room most of the time, Sam was getting a bit restless, so we decided to switch to an upstairs/downstairs plan to keep the boys separate. Right now, Sam's upstairs, and Steve's down in the basement. Hopefully Steve is enjoying it because he always hates the way I keep them upstairs weekday mornings while I'm down here working. Last time I was up there, Sam was asleep on Garrett's bed, which is funny since he has the run of that level. Except the main bath. That door's usually open, but I closed it so he can't get into my CPAP stuff that I washed this morning and left to dry on the counter. It's cool to see that Sam's been hunting the toys and leaving them around as offerings even with the collar on. Here he is enjoying the really nice couch up there that we almost never use.


I might make my trips down to Edgewater Beach a weekly thing for now, and decided this morning would be great for it.

Man, I need new wiper blades. My friend that I work with is in the process of taking ownership of an auto shop, so I figure I can wait a couple of weeks and get them from her. I also really need to get it washed, which I always put off for a very long time. Anyway the smears on the window are mostly only visible in the shadows of the trees and I like the way it looks toward the end. That sunrise was a real treat to walk around in. This is definitely one of the times where I recommend looking over on flickr because I took far too many photos to include here. I also had a fun time playing with Snapchat while I walked.



I really love when there are clouds in front of and behind a mountain.


Here's a good shot of the former dock site where the graffiti was revealed when they tore it down. I saw that heron fly over there looking like a pterodactyl and he stayed there the rest of the time I was down there, almost an hour at least.


I tried putting my phone in my safety harness to get a time lapse of some walking. The results were promising, but not worth using because it was too bright. And I ended up needing my phone soon anyway because the sky took a turn for the dramatic.


Today's awesome walk, 3.8 miles in 1:20, 8,562 steps
3.8 miles in 1:20, 8,562 steps

I'm not sure if I've ever done four laps before, but I was in the mood for it. The program indicates that I climbed 120 feet, but that's four very slow climbs of 30 feet each and I certainly didn't feel like it was anything but flat.

Back at home, the air plant I've named Monica continues to amaze. I think she might have a baby soon, too.


Steve's having an afternoon freakout now. He usually runs upstairs and around a lot when he gets in a mood and hopefully he's not too put out by the door at the top of the stairs being closed. It's definitely weird having a litter box and food station down here.



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