christopher575 (christopher575) wrote,

CPAP, night 3

Right now the plan is to clean my gear every other day, so yesterday I had to pull it all apart and wash the gaskets, humidifier tray, face harness, and nasal pillow. The strap that holds the harness to my head will need occasional cleaning, but it rests on my hair, so I'm not as worried about it as the parts that lay on my skin. I hand-washed it all with Dawn in the bathroom sink, put it on a plastic plate to dry, and closed the bathroom door on the off chance that Sam decided to come in and jump on the counter. I've only ever seen Steve jump up there and he's living downstairs right now, but it's always a good idea to get into the habit immediately. That door is normally propped open because I like to let the air flow throughout the house during the day, and if it wasn't propped, it might slam closed.

But there were still some droplets of water on the pieces, so I may just use the hair dryer. And my nostrils were killing me last night, so I used a little Neosporin before bed, and the nasal pillow will be washed today. I'm still trying to find what the recommended moisturizer is, the brands specifically sold for this are ten dollars an ounce! Ridiculous.

My sleep last night was pretty great. I only got up once to go to the bathroom, and that was also the only time I drank any water. Before the CPAP when I was snoring with my mouth open, my mouth and throat would get so dry. Wasn't an issue at all last night. The second and final time I woke up, there was a bit of moisture in my nose and I was just trying to lay very still and go back to sleep. After a couple of minutes, I decided to check the time and see if it might be worth it to take off the mask and go blow my nose, and it was 3:59! My alarm is set for 4am, so if you think about it, I really only woke up once throughout the night. Pretty amazing.

Today's a swim day and I expect it to be pretty uneventful. But my iPod's charged so at least I'll have music this time.

Sam's tail was sent in for a full biopsy after it was removed and we got the results yesterday. The results confirmed myxoid fibrosarcomas, which is cancer, but the margins are clear. Only five more days until the sutures come out and the collar comes off. But we still get to have supervised time where he doesn't have to wear it in the meantime.

Supervised e-collar break, family time, trashed couch

I really have no idea why the back of my head has been so hard on that poor loveseat. Garrett likes to sit on a blanket so his side looks perfect. But it's perfect under a blanket.

One thing that's nice to see is that Sam's still hunting his toys and leaving them as offerings around the house while wearing the collar. I managed to catch him yowling with the duck last night.

I'm keeping my bedroom door open while we're doing the upstairs/downstairs thing and he spent the whole night in my bed, which was nice. I'd leave my bedroom door open all the time if they'd behave, but they usually don't.

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