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Press Your Luck
I realized when I was in the pool that it was stupid of me to balk at the $10 price tag on the recommended product for my nostrils. What's $10 compared to possibly a couple of months of relief? Plus, I still don't know how much the nostril pillows go for if you have to pay out of pocket, but I suspect it might be more costly to replace one than to maintain it. So I popped over to the medical supply center when I left the pool and grabbed this.


Looking forward to trying that, along with the next size up of nasal pillow. I've been using the medium but the large might be more comfortable.

That swim team I recently shared the pool with was in the pool when I arrived. At least, I think it was them. Same coach, but only six swimmers, as opposed to fifteen or so last time. Have a lot of people dropped out? Who can say. It was nice that there were so few because we weren't in each other's way at all.

And just like how I noticed before that they entered the pool without showering, this time they went from the sauna to the hot tub without rinsing off, walking right by the sign that says they should. The lifeguards were around and didn't say anything, so I suppose they don't care and mentioning it would make me the annoyance. I always thought it was a bit odd that they want you to rinse after the sauna because I'm sure people swimming and sitting in the hot tub also sweat directly into the water, but I do as they ask.

Speaking of lifeguards, Zoey the swim center cat jumped up onto one of the raised lifeguard chairs today. It was quite cute and I wish I had a picture. She's free to come and go as she pleases and I've seen her wander in the front door behind people as they enter. The other day when they were bringing the new lockers in, they had the door propped open for a long time and I saw her looking at it as if to say, "Can I go out this one? What's going on?"

A very nice song played on my iPod just in time to be the last song of my swim and it reminded me that I've been meaning to recommend that album here. I discovered the amazing-but-stupidly-named Got a Girl via the Secretly Timid podcast, and loved the song they played so much that I bought the album immediately. Got a Girl is Dan the Automator with Mary Elizabeth Winstead, who happens to be one of my favorite actors. I love that she's also made such great music. Same goes for Milla Jovovich. Anyway, the whole album is good, but this is probably my favorite track from it and it's such a treat when it comes on.

I've reached an age where there's just not too much new music being made that I care about, which is fine, because I've amassed a huge library over the years. So when Information Society, Imperial Teen, and my other old favorites release something new, I'll buy it for sure. And I recently picked up the new Nervous Curtains EP, also because of Secretly Timid. My friend Nan who's on that show contributed vocals to their amazing cover of The Visitors by ABBA.

Oh and our friends Jenn and Jason have an awesome band named Mutiny Mutiny and you should go buy everything they have. I'm not just saying that because we're friends, I also like their music and always keep it in the rotation.

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Those swimmers would get a stern talking to for not pre-showering in Iceland, I've heard.

Yes we wouldn't want to foul up that sulphury geothermal water.

i'll be curious to hear how that gel works. i had a tube of this stuff once: http://www.oceannasalcare.com/saline-nasal-products/gel-nasal-moisturizer and it was like magic for dry skin. i started using it on my cuticles, it was so good. it looks like they have similar ingredients.

And yours costs half as much!

i think it's also half the amount, .5oz vs 1oz.

Oh geez didn't notice that. But again it's dumb of me to balk at the price like I don't spend that much in lottery tickets most weeks.

I am like that all the time when it comes to spending money. Brains are silly.

I constantly have to remind myself of this when I tell myself, "I don't want to spend *that* much on bath towels/a sheet set/shoes." When those are all things that I get so much use from, that the price is almost nothing per use.

I never thought that the oxygen would dry out your nose but I suppose that makes sense. I'm glad it's helping - I'm not sure I would find wearing all the equipment comfortable - is it easy to wear?

Embeds don't work in comments for some reason so here's a link to a video about the gear I have:


The most difficult thing for me is trying to get the tightness right. It's supposed to feel like it's floating against your nose, not pressed against it. It's an ongoing process. Glad I just watched this video, I didn't realize I have the option to have the tube go up and over my head.

The CPAP has a humidifier and it's not really the device that's drying anything out. It just irritates the skin to have the device pressed up against it. I also need to trim my mustache a bit as it keeps getting pushed up in there and irritated.

I agree - I think I would prefer the tube over the head as that keeps it out of the way. Good luck!

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