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A different kind of bucket list

I went to Japanese Gulch with mainly a simple hike in mind, but also a new goal. scearley tweeted a picture of a Honey Bucket Selfie contest, and since I encounter Honey Buckets all the time on my walks, I figured I'd enter as many times I could. The grand prize is your own portable toilet, or $1,000, which is what I'd opt for. There's currently an extra one at the gulch because of the water main work, so it made sense to start there in case they take it away soon.


Down the road a bit on the way to the main entrance to get a picture of the other one that's always there, I turned back for another view of the cleared hill I talked about previously. This puts it in perspective more.


The one that's regularly there. I couldn't get as nice a picture as I'd like to because part of the project they're still working on is right next to it and it's surrounded by orange safety stuff. Would have been nice to get a picture of the dog park in the background.


I wasn't planning on going very far up either side because I forgot to put the mosquito repellent on until after I got dressed and wasn't sure how effective it was after being sprayed onto my clothes. But the Honey Bucket is right by the OG trail and since I have my trekking poles, I can go up that way and rejoin the center trail via this scary bit.


Yesterday's awesome walk, 3.85 miles in 1:34, 9,508 steps, 385ft gain
3.85 miles in 1:34, 9,508 steps, 385ft gain

Just a simple trip up to the top and the end of the access road I like, and back down. Nothing particularly interesting about the drives either direction to warrant a hyperlapse, so I didn't process those. One person cracked me up by signaling left before turning right, so I made a vine of that when I got home.

Had a very quiet day at work and decided to go out for lunch. I decided to finally try the sushi place near Garrett's office for yet another chirashi bowl. This might be the best one I've had, though my one complaint is that the bowl wasn't shaped very well for getting the last third or so out with the chopsticks.

The chirashi quest continues

I've been putting off getting my car washed for a long time, so I did that on the way home. I really love how they light the soap up now.

Oh yay, I finally figured out how to embed Instagram videos!

I paid for the full service car wash and after they filled my tires, they pointed out that my left rear tire had a screw in it, so I drove straight to the tire shop across the parking lot from our neighborhood bar and waited there to hear the news. They said it was too old to repair and that all four were worn down to unsafe tread levels, and I should replace them. My little trip out to lunch ended up being very expensive!


But it's totally fair. The car was free, and when we had it inspected when we took possession, another location of the same shop said the tires had a little more life left in them. And the guy was right, it drives so much smoother now. Between the new tires and the fresh wash, it's almost like a new car. A new used one.


And my two new air plant orders came! The ten toward the left were a really good deal on sale, otherwise I might not have gotten quite so many. There's not really room in my display for all of these so hopefully I'll get some order soon.

The New arrivals #airplants #plantstagram

I love the type on the left, the bulbosa. The way the leaves spread out allow them to hold on to stuff and they're easy to display.


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