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Getting things done, putting others off

I keep forgetting to mention, but those shoes I recently bought? The first ones in years that weren't athletic shoes. Yeah those are going to get put away and worn when I need to dress nicer. They're not uncomfortable to have on, but walking in them, even a short distance, is awful. Completely exhausting. I'm beginning to wonder if people who won't walk anywhere just have never had the right shoes. In related good news, I noticed that a pair of the type I've been wearing for years that I love that was sitting in the garage is actually in really good shape, so I washed those and brought them inside. One more pair to wear after I can't stand the current one any longer. That won't be too long from now, both the heels on the inside have torn open, exposing some plastic. But they don't hurt yet.

Sam's followup visit for the amputation and his concurrent dental work was this morning. The tooth extraction sites are in perfect shape, and he's allowed to eat crunchy treats again. The stitches where his tail used to be are out! They've asked me to keep the cone on a couple more days, which I wasn't expecting, but it makes sense. It's off right now and he's sitting next to me grooming, but if he goes for the stump and won't stop, the cone goes back on. And of course it'll always be on when he's not supervised. But I've decided both cats get the run of the house again; I'm not worried about Steve doing anything to the stump.

And of course Sam's grooming almost incessantly since he hasn't been able to much lately.

It's a little messy downstairs because of the second temporary cat setup. I'll be cleaning up down here as well as doing other housework before Garrett gets back, but not until the day before or even the day of. It just doesn't make sense to clean up too early. Sam puked up a hairball on Garrett's bedspread last night, but if I wash it any sooner than Thursday, that's almost like asking for it to happen again.

I had a pretty uneventful, but good, swim this morning. I got there right when they opened so I'd have plenty of time between it and the vet appointment. It's been a while since I've been there so early and I prefer it a bit later, but it was fine.

I just got back a bit ago from the grocery store and a flooring remnant store across the street from it. Garrett's dad made the cat tower we have downstairs and the carpet on it is trashed. I hoped to find some cool color of carpet, but they mostly had tan. At least I was able to find something a little bit interesting, and it was $15. Most of the remnants were $45.


Here's Sam a bit ago enjoying the view but not noticing that Tito was relaxing outside. Actually both Sam and Steve were looking the same direction, at nothing, but I couldn't get all three of them in a good shot.

Completely oblivious

I added two items to my etsy shop today. I could actually add tons more, but as I've mentioned, it doesn't really make sense to create a huge backlog. Even though I have 55 plants right now.


Thankfully this nice art piece that my friend Barbara gave me out of the stuff she's getting rid of while downsizing holds a lot of plants. This really helps manage my inventory.



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