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Designated Beach Day

I'm falling into a pretty steady pattern of swimming on Tuesday and Thursday with a walk at Edgewater Beach on Wednesdays, which I really look forward to. I got there before the gates opened today, so I parked by a tiny little park down the street. Good alternative right now while there's still construction at the gulch.

I was pretty tired because I stayed up until 10pm after bingo last night. They were selling jell-o shots for 50 cents and my friends and I had one each, and I think just the vodka in that was enough to mix with my other drinks in an icky way. Steve also woke me up at 3am and never let me go back to sleep. And I don't really know what happened, but I woke up with my CPAP next to me on the bed. The website says it was on for less than three hours. What I'm curious about is if I turned it off in my sleep, or if it came off and the machine shuts itself down if it's not being worn after a while.

Bingo was fun. An old friend introduced me to her sister-in-law Lisa who lives in Lynnwood via Facebook and she came so we could meet for the first time over dinner, drinks, and bingo. Melissa also joined us. Lisa won two rounds of bingo and Melissa won one. It's an ongoing joke that I never win, and I'm fine with it because the prizes are silly anyway. I keep coming pretty close, though. On two different blackout rounds, I had 24 of the 25 spaces.

So close

I asked Kendra, the host, if she'd be interested in having me remake the sheet of patterns. Not only did she say yes, but she said we should come up with new ones. This excites me.

Anyway, even though I slept less and not very well, and didn't feel so great, walking felt awesome. But as soon as I stopped, I was exhausted and had a headache. I had a pretty good nap this afternoon, though.

Down at the beach, I created two more entries for the Honey Bucket selfie contest.


There are more at the ferry terminal and I tried unsuccessfully to get good photos from far away. That's fine, though. I'll get them next week. It's good to spread the entries out anyway. I'm happy to report that I might have a pretty good chance judging by other entries on the hashtag. Not only are lots of them not even selfies, but people aren't following all the contest rules.

Sometimes the HDR mode kicks in just right on the phone. I love the way this one looks.


Rat graffiti I've never spotted before.


Today's awesome walk, 3.96 miles in 1:31, 9,401 steps

Today's awesome walk, 3.96 miles in 1:31, 9,401 steps
3.96 miles in 1:31, 9,401 steps

I don't usually go so far West, but I had some fun ideas for Snapchats featuring stuff in that park. Fun morning. And I've had a pretty productive day as well. Made excellent breakfast and lunches, and did a lot of housework.




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