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"Let's make a burrito!"

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Press Your Luck
My little iPod has been doing a pretty great job lately. Mostly it's shuffling in Information Society, Orgy, and Got a Girl, and that's just fine by me. At first I thought I had accidentally turned on the "play in order" mode when I heard three Orgy songs in a row, but then something else came on. If you aren't familiar with them, they burst onto the scene with a cover of "Blue Monday" by New Order, which I think is amazing. A lot of people hate covers, though, and even more think New Order is somehow untouchable. Whatever. They had a few more somewhat popular tracks and then faded from view. But a quick glance around and I see they're pretty active, so I should probably see what their albums that I haven't heard before sound like. Here's a very neat video they made.

Speaking of covers, and Information society, and what I'm listening to in the pool, I know I've mentioned that I love Orders of Magnitude, InSoc's latest. But it's all covers and I'm a little embarrassed to admit that I only recognized a few of the songs! After a long afternoon of housework (Garrett gets back tonight and our friend Ana visits tomorrow) I decided to finally sit down and make a playlist on YouTube of the original versions of the songs from Orders of Magnitude. They're not what I would consider a twee or wacky band in any way, so a few of the songs on the album are delightful and surprising.

Tomorrow I use up the last half day of my 7.5 use-or-lose vacation days I was instructed to take by the end of the fiscal year, plus another half day from my current pool of PTO. Garrett's also got the day off since today's a travel day. Not sure if I'll go out for a walk in the morning or not, but on days off I don't feel a huge obligation to get out there.

Today at the pool, there were two guys there who may or may not be part of that ever-dwindling swim team. I suspect they were, because they did the same routine I've seen them do before. No coach was there, though. Maybe even he's quit!

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I love making playlist but shuffle is fun too.

I've only ever listened on shuffle on my iPods and that's been much easier to deal with since I started buying earbuds with controls on the cords and I can skip without pulling them out of my pocket. When I'm swimming I just have to reach around to the back of my head. But it might be time to start making some playlists, especially now that a CD of my old workout soundtrack ("Light" CD single by KMFDM) is on its way to me in the mail.

Blue Monday is the only Orgy song I remember. I love covers, as long as they're different from the original. Otherwise, what's the point?

It's funny, people get mad at that, too. "That song is perfect! Why would you change it!"

Ha, true. I just don't think remakes need to always be the lead singles, but for some reason they usually are. Cover a song because you love it, not because you want a hit.

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