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My little iPod has been doing a pretty great job lately. Mostly it's shuffling in Information Society, Orgy, and Got a Girl, and that's just fine by me. At first I thought I had accidentally turned on the "play in order" mode when I heard three Orgy songs in a row, but then something else came on. If you aren't familiar with them, they burst onto the scene with a cover of "Blue Monday" by New Order, which I think is amazing. A lot of people hate covers, though, and even more think New Order is somehow untouchable. Whatever. They had a few more somewhat popular tracks and then faded from view. But a quick glance around and I see they're pretty active, so I should probably see what their albums that I haven't heard before sound like. Here's a very neat video they made.

Speaking of covers, and Information society, and what I'm listening to in the pool, I know I've mentioned that I love Orders of Magnitude, InSoc's latest. But it's all covers and I'm a little embarrassed to admit that I only recognized a few of the songs! After a long afternoon of housework (Garrett gets back tonight and our friend Ana visits tomorrow) I decided to finally sit down and make a playlist on YouTube of the original versions of the songs from Orders of Magnitude. They're not what I would consider a twee or wacky band in any way, so a few of the songs on the album are delightful and surprising.

Tomorrow I use up the last half day of my 7.5 use-or-lose vacation days I was instructed to take by the end of the fiscal year, plus another half day from my current pool of PTO. Garrett's also got the day off since today's a travel day. Not sure if I'll go out for a walk in the morning or not, but on days off I don't feel a huge obligation to get out there.

Today at the pool, there were two guys there who may or may not be part of that ever-dwindling swim team. I suspect they were, because they did the same routine I've seen them do before. No coach was there, though. Maybe even he's quit!
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