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"Let's make a burrito!"

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Hoppin' down the bunny trail
Press Your Luck
I've known for a few days that I'd be walking at the Lowell Riverfront Trail today so I could get Honey Bucket selfies for the contest.


I'm not even sure there were any there when I first started going there. This one above was previously near the railroad tracks and was being used by workers there. I have no clue what they were doing, but even now there are signs warning that there's construction in the area. Nothing looks different to me. At least not there.

Way at the end of the trail near the new residential construction, there's these.


And I of course got my very favorite shot in the area.


Other than that, nothing new to report. So mostly I sent stuff to Snapchat. The rabbits were quite brave today. I got very close.


Today's awesome walk, 3.56 miles in 1:26, 8,714 steps
3.56 miles in 1:26, 8,714 steps

Nothing particularly exciting happened on the drive out there, but I liked the rain on the windshield on the way back.

Once I got home, I noticed there was only one can of cat food, and we go through two a day, so I went to the store to grab some more. Glad I did it when I did, because I saw these two a block behind the Safeway.


I showed this photo to the checker and he said he's seen them crossing the extremely busy street the Safeway is on! Apparently they go back and forth between the park on our side of it, and the cemetery on the other. Hope they're careful.

The shirt I bought from the fundraiser the Old Friends Senior Dog Sanctuary arrived today. Not sure if the color is right for me so it may be a house shirt. We'll see.


Other than that, I've just been hanging out at home and chilling with Garrett and the cats. I watched both versions of The Bling Ring.


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What do you get if you win the selfie contest?

A thousand dollars! Or a Honey Bucket, but I'd rather have the thousand dollars. There are other prizes, but they haven't gone into detail yet.

Why would anyone choose a Honey Bucket instead of $1000?

They probably cost more than that so if you were going to buy one anyway, it'd be a good deal!

Sam must not need to wear the collar now? How is he doing?

You were lucky not to get caught in that rain.

No more collar and Sam's doing great! Jumping up to every high spot, no problem.

I wouldn't have minded getting caught in the rain so much as it might have made the mosquitoes leave me alone.

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