christopher575 (christopher575) wrote,

A true day off

I woke up at about 5:30 today with no alarm and it was already so bright that I really didn't want to go out for a walk. A swim sounded nice, though, and I was surprised to find on their website that the Snohomish Aquatic Center wasn't closed for the day. So after I finished my coffee, I figured I'd head out for a swim if Garrett was still asleep by the time I could get ready. But he emerged as I closed the box I keep my goggles and iPod in. That was fine, though. It's good to relax sometimes. Rather than have breakfast right away, I decided to run to WinCo so I could get the stuff to make German potato salad for our lunch with Bev and Dennis. It came out great.


The sunlight streaming in did a neat thing while I was cooking.


Monica's doing great.


Obligatory Bella photo.

Bella say hey

Bev isn't feeding this squirrel as much for fear that he'll be around too much and eat her garden. I kinda think if she feeds him, the garden will be safer.



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