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Tuesday vibes

The four-day work week after a Monday off is always a little weird. Swimming yesterday was the normal thing to do on a Tuesday, but not the normal thing to do on the first work day. Going down to the beach today on a Wednesday and getting the recycling and garbage ready when I got home was also normal, but not. It'd be great if we'd switch to a four-day work week, but when they're rare, they're weird. The beach sure was nice, though.

I could tell during the drive down that it'd be a nice day for cloudspotting. Ended up sharing eight photos to the group I belong to today, which I think is the most I've done so far.


Two more entries for that silly contest.


As always, there were tons of visual delights, and I had a great time taking pictures. This song came on while I was by the lighthouse, though, and cast a bit of shadow over the morning. I don't even know how soon the ferry terminal will move and take everything away, but it's already starting to feel like every photo I take is part of a love letter to the beach before it's gone.


I've never seen the tide here this low. It was out far enough to form little islands in the water, and I could walk from one part of the beach to the other where its normally underwater.


I particularly love how clearly you can see three rows of mountains here. It looks like the titanium jewelry we used to make at a shop where I did a mentorship during high school. Except not all purple and pink and green.


This is interesting because the beach is in Everett and you have to go through Mukilteo to get to it, and then the terminal is even further in that direction. Not sure how they came up with Mukilteo for the address.


I've said before that I have a knack for walking in areas on their garbage day and this neighborhood is no exception. At least I don't go by any houses when I'm at the beach.


Finally got another copy of the Light single by KMFDM, my old workout disc. I listened to this--and nothing else--while exercising, six days a week, for three years. That's around 1,000 plays! For some reason, only four of the nine tracks were in our library, so I had to fix that. Looking forward to hearing the whole thing again.

It's funny when the cheapest way to get something back into your music collection is to get the CD and rip it.

Heard from our friend Barbara that today was time to grab some frames and a few other things, the last batch of awesome stuff I've gotten as she downsizes. She lives the same direction as I went this morning, and I wasn't originally planning on sharing the videos, but they were doing road work and the small backup I waited in was nothing compared to how shockingly long it was as I headed back.

I make a quick appearance in this one because she asked me to put something in the mailbox, which is a bit down the road.

Here's Barbara's cat Drama, the less elusive of the two she has. Still pretty elusive, though.

The elusive Drama


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