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"Let's make a burrito!"

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New listing in the shop
I'd keep this one for myself if I worked in an office. Perfect little desktop garden. My desk is quite small and there's no room for such things. And we're mostly out of surfaces around the house to leave things on.


This is my first item in the shop that features tumbled rocks, which is what I named the shop for. The last time I made some wire wrap jewelry, it was really hard on my hands. I suppose I should learn some hand exercises and make some more, because I really like how that one came out. It was a gift for a friend. I couldn't decide which side should be the front, so I made it reversible!

First tumbled rock project

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I really like that mini Japanese garden idea.

I am the same - I have made so many glass things and I don't have anywhere left to display them. I really should sell some but the early ones are not that good!

I need more opportunities to give them away as gifts so I can move some inventory. More people need to stop by, etc. :)

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