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Since the fire kept me away from my normal Sunday walk spot, I decided to go this morning. While the situation is pretty well under control, it's still smoldering quite a bit. You can see it when I drive past, as well as when I approach the park since the route to get there is a giant J.

The smoke is still leaving the building site in a very orderly stream, so I was able to get a lot of pictures without any in them. Lots more over at flickr.


If you like foxgloves, now's the time to go see them.


The water level's high enough that the bird watching areas are flooded.


I love the shadows this bridge casts.


Neat clouds. I took the second one through my sunglasses to get that rainbow effect.


Today's awesome walk, 3.73 miles in 1:35, 9,485 steps
3.73 miles in 1:35, 9,485 steps

I was able to see the site of the fire on the way back, but the phone isn't mounted at eye level and couldn't see over the rail. The video didn't turn out well because the phone was bouncing a lot, which I didn't realize at the time, so I won't bother sharing it here. Looks like I need to tighten up the mount. But I got a screenshot from the site of the fire.

Recycling center fire site still smoldering #dashcam

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Wow - that fire is still smouldering?

Yup! Big complex of buildings full of all kinds of flammable stuff.

Ah, so those are foxgloves. We have so many of them around here.

Interesting, the foxglove up there isn't as far along as they are in Portland, mine are almost done. I am happy that they are finally blooming in my yard this year -- they're a biennial plant and have no flowers their first year. Mine failed to bloom for two years in a row for some reason.

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