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Quite a day

I got up and dove right into testing our new release. Skipped my swim and worked straight through until lunch time, at which point I drove down to my coworker's house to pick up something she grabbed for me recently at a thrift store, and then to a restaurant not from from there to meet up with a new friend for lunch. It's a hot day here, and the clouds look like sad ghosts to me.

Lunch was tasty. There were a lot of burgers and sandwiches I wanted to try, but we're having meatloaf again tonight and I figured lunch should be light. I had a salad with roasted beets, citrus, goat cheese, and blackened salmon. Good stuff. My friend ordered the same salad, but with grilled salmon. We had bites of each other's salmon and they were both tasty.

I rushed back home because I was hoping to hear from our boss about getting together on a call because a test we need to do requires a third person. It could be accomplished via email, but it would take probably 40 emails back and forth with waiting in between, whereas we can do it in an hour or so if we get on a call. It never happened today, so hopefully it'll be tomorrow because our testing window is two days.

That stop at Dollar Tree on the way home was for a pool noodle of all things. You may recall that my side of the reclining loveseat's handle broke a few months back. It was a huge ordeal where I talked to several people and nothing ever seemed right, and they sent a replacement mechanism that wasn't even needed because it was just the handle. They'd sent me the part for free and charged me for the service call, but the technician couldn't do anything about it. In the end, I got most of my money back, and they never took the mechanism back. I just confirmed by checking the box in the garage, the cable I could use is not part of the mechanism, it's part of the handle that they ultimately weren't able to replace.

That's too bad, because I'd gotten used to my workaround for it. I cut a hole in the side, fed the cable through, and made a handle for it out of cord. Very goofy, but it worked. So for now, I just want to leave it always extended out. To do that, something needs to block it so I don't accidentally push it all the way in when I get up. My best temporary solution I could come up with yesterday was an empty water bottle, but that makes a lot of noise. I scared myself several times yesterday. Now there's a piece of pool noodle there, and it works great.

CPAP update:
Last night was the first night since I started the CPAP, and also the first time in years as far as I can remember that I went the whole night without getting up for a bathroom trip. The snoring made the problem really bad. I snored with my mouth open, which made my mouth dry, so I'd drink water every time I woke up. I've since learned that when you're not getting the deepest sleep, it makes it more likely that you'll need a restroom trip. I woke up a few a couple of times last night, but each time, I laid there and thought, I don't need to go! I've been trying to avoid it because putting the CPAP back on after it's been going for a while is rough, even with the "ramp up" feature it has. The air is warmed and it's one thing to get used to it as it comes up, but another entirely to put it on again after a while.

As I drifted off into some really seriously detailed and crazy dreams, my body felt amazing. Like the room was flooding but with pure bliss instead of water. What a night. Makes me think it might be worth it to grab a bedside bottle so I never ever have to get out of bed. Gross, I know, but tempting.

Some recent cat cuteness.


That last one cracks me up. Steve ends up chasing his tail quite often.

Oh yeah, new item in the shop! I really like the way air plants look like miniature versions of houseplants sometimes, and decided to find small versions of regular things to put them in. There will be several, but these were the first I jumped on. I'm happy to be able to offer them with suction hooks, magnetic hooks, and 3M Command hooks.



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