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575 sconce

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"Let's make a burrito!"

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A case of the Mondays
I wanted to just keep sleeping this morning when my alarm went off, but I had a lot to do for work and it needed to be done this morning. A new feature was added to the tool I support, which added a small change to a lot of screens. I'm in charge of documentation and went through the entire thing, updating every screenshot. Very time consuming. The new release was today, though, and I wanted everything to look nice.

So I went to the noon swim session for the first time in a while. I'm tired today but the pool felt nice. Lots of people around I didn't recognize since I'm usually there in the morning lately. Plus a few I did. I completed my whole hour and then spent a little time in the sauna and hot tub before heading out.

Check out this awesome magnet! ltorosf and asphaltwanderer got it for me when they were recently in New Mexico, and they delivered it via notlostonme. If you're wondering why a magnet would happen to have "575" on it, it's because that's the newest area code there. There's only one other, 505. When they unveiled it, quite a few people said I should change my number to a 575 number, but I've had the same cell phone number since I got my first one, and the last four numbers spell FUCK, so I'm not giving it up.

I can finally unveil a new item in my store that I'm very excited about! I've been waiting until I could give notlostonme hers first before unveiling it.


I also brought a couple more along as gifts on Saturday for entropic_system and frogger414. His birthday was the day before and she'll be decorating one of her kids' rooms soon.


I'm also very excited because I ordered some large air plants, and they're here! I'll list at least a couple of them, but for now, they're mostly for me. I happen to have a new shelf to put up in my room and they're probably what'll end up on it.

The New arrivals. They're big.

Sam's doing great, though in this picture it looks like he lost his front legs along with his tail.


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Thank you for the air plant!! :D :D :D :D

You're welcome! Glad that gear found a good home, too.

Oooo those large air plants look great.

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