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"Let's make a burrito!"

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Side missions
Due to work obligations this week, I need to either get out and back really early, or exercise in the afternoon. Yesterday, that meant swimming in the noon session, but that's not an option today because I've got a car appointment at 12:30. Thankfully the sun's coming up so early now, I knew I could go down to the beach and be back at a reasonable time.

Decided to let the droplets of rain stay on the windshield to see how they made the video look. Neat effect.

A train showed up right as I got started which was transporting three airplane hulls. Pretty neat!

But then it just stopped, and I couldn't get to the beach.


I figured it would be foolish to sit around and wait for it since there was no telling how long it might be, so I decided I'd head up through the gulch's interpretive trail and see what was going on with the water main project. I think it's wrapped up. There's no longer a Honey Bucket here.


There's still a backhoe or something but that could there for any number of reasons.


Over in the parking lot, the new concrete patches are no longer surrounded by safety barriers. I think I'll go ahead and start parking there again.


At least the view on the bridge I had to take to get over the train was nice.


It started moving again just as I got to the train station. It was cool to get another look at the hulls.


As usual, there were plenty of lovely things to see.


I spotted a bunch of these all over down there. Curious what they're for.


Today's awesome walk, 3.67 miles in 1:19, 8,417 steps, 191ft gain
3.67 miles in 1:19, 8,417 steps, 191ft gain

One cool thing about MapMyRun is that I can review the progress on the map with times included, so even though I didn't make a note of the times, I can tell that the train sat still for 26 minutes. So it's true, my choice to keep moving was a good one.

Completely unrelated, Monica's doing great and the new, bigger plants are really cool.

Added some larger ones into the mix. #airplant #airplants

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Monica is definitely growing madly! It's useful to have comparison photos isn't it.

Those plane shells are HUGE.

What I like most about Monica is that I can tell she moves around a lot during the day. Which reminds me! I was thinking there was no use for my regular camera now that I have a phone that takes better pictures, but maybe I can set it up to catch a time lapse of the action.

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