christopher575 (christopher575) wrote,

A fresh set of eyes

I'm pretty good at my job but sometimes when I'm testing, it's just not possible to think of every situation. Today, several days after the fact, I realized there was a loophole I hadn't thought of and I used it to gain access to information I'm not supposed to be able to see. I brought it up with the correct people and it'll either be addressed, or we'll decide that the security level in place is merely there to keep people from seeing people from seeing the information in the regular flow of things, not to stop someone with the exact right credentials who also has the patience to guess their way into it. I'm proud of the work, either way.

Not a particularly eventful day, though. Had a swim. Discovered one of the rubber tips for my earbuds was missing so I could only listen in one ear. I'd forgotten how noisy the pool really is, even if the people themselves aren't loud. And it's not a big deal, because four spares were included. And the timing was pretty good; I'm working my way through the Lip Locked episodes and the one I played today was a guest mix. I'm not skipping those, but if I can't hear as well one day, it may as well be during a guest mix.

This afternoon I'll be helping a friend move her computer to her new house, which I'm excited to see. While she was shopping for a new place, I sent her several listings a week to check out, but her agent ended up finding her one that wasn't even on the market. That means there hasn't even been a listing for me to snoop through, so other than some photos she sent over, I haven't seen much. I drove by one time on the way to my walk, and it's a very lovely area.

Moving a computer, that's a funny thing. It used to be such a chore for me, and I also had to do it for work a lot, but for four years now, I've had nothing but laptops. My desk has a docking station and two monitors, but nothing's very bulky. The only desktop computer I've touched in that four years is the same one I'm moving today, last time I had to help her out with something. Times really change.

A lot of people prefer tablets for casual browsing, but I'm a laptop guy. You have to hold a tablet up, after all. Laptops stay up on their own. And I can type really, really fast.

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