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The story of today's walk really begins yesterday, when I got home from helping Barbara move her computer to her new house, which, by the way is really neat and perfect for what she wants at this time. Smaller, all on one level, no carpet that I noticed. Her landscaping bill is also about to go from huge to possibly nothing as the front and back yards are small and have artificial grass! It's not a small house by any means, but she downsized quite a bit, and I've gotten a lot of free goodies out of the deal, including this neat shelf and crystal ball/holder.

Bedroom decor/large air plant inventory management update #airplant #airplants

I've had it at the house for a couple of weeks but decided it was time to put it up when the order of large air plants came and I didn't really have anywhere to put them. We have a knick knack shelf in the dining room that acts as my emergency backup spot, but I don't like to leave things there very long. I had a little trouble getting the top screw to go all the way into the wall, so when I got home, I unscrewed it and used a drill. What that has to do with today's walk is that I used the socket that my phone charger goes in, and I forgot to put it back.

I got to the parking area by the dog park, grabbed this photo, but then got a low battery warning when I was recording a Snapchat video of the area.


That's when I realized my phone hadn't gotten its normal overnight charge. My phone case is able to charge my phone, but I'd used half of that power yesterday, so I switched it on and hoped for the best. I wasn't super worried about my phone dying while recording my workout because my plan for the day was just a basic hike up the center to the end of the access road and back. If my phone died, I could just as easily copy it on the MapMyRun site from another time I've done the same route. And I've done it a lot.

But I couldn't resist a quick Snapchat joke as I headed out. This ended up becoming the 350th photo in my Japanese Gulch flickr album!


I used my trekking poles today and while I was checking them before heading out, a runner went by me wearing a huge backpack and headed up the trail. My best guess is that he works at Boeing, made his way up to the recreation center, and had a shower there before taking a shuttle to his final destination. Mainly I think that because there aren't many other places up there to go and jogging is banned on the roads leading into Boeing. Of course I could be completely wrong, but I don't know why a morning runner would need to carry anything other than work clothes and maybe a lunch in a backpack like that.

Typically I don't think so much about everyone's backstories, but he made me think of my morning walks back when I worked at the office and they were part of my commute. I really enjoyed those times and had to be pretty systematic when it came to what I wore and how I packed everything. Thankfully we had a fantastic cafeteria so I didn't need to bring my lunch, and the locker rooms at work had towel service. My walking outfit was a hoodie covering the t-shirt I wore to work the previous day, cargo shorts with tights underneath, and my walking shoes with two-layer blister prevention socks. In my backpack, I carried a fresh t-shirt, socks, and underwear, and wore them at work with the same cargo shorts I showed up in.

And just in case I showed up to work soaking wet, I kept a spare pair of shoes and some old shorts in the office. I also learned to keep a big plastic bag in my backpack in case I needed to wrap up my clothes or laptop on a rainy day.

Today's awesome walk, 3.53 miles in 1:20, 8,310 steps, 408ft gain
3.53 miles in 1:20, 8,310 steps, 408ft gain

It was nice to do this old standby of a route.


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